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Rules for Guest Posts

Dave Reeder

by Dave Reeder , 01 January 2015

Rules for Guest Posts
We welcome quality guest posts on our site, but please follow these rules to avoid your article being rejected.

These rules are designed to make the article successful for both parties and ensure that we are publishing quality content that we can promote and (hopefully) will get lots of traffic.

The Rules

  1. You must first give us a choice of article subjects before writing your article and sending it to us
  2. The content must be 100% unique and must not be copied to any other sites.
  3. The content must be at least 1000 words (longer the better)
  4. The content must be useful, informative and not spammy. 
  5. Spelling and grammar must be excellent.
  6. We will only add one "do follow" link per article.
  7. We will upload the content, we do not provide website access.
  8. Please supply details of the site that will be linked to in advance (want to make sure it is ethical, not illegal or containing adult material etc.)  We also wouldn't link to direct competitors of ours.
  9. No direct pitching of products/services within the article
  10. If you supply images they must be free of copyright.  We will add a main header image of our choice.
  11. We will promote the article via social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Reddit.
  12. We may add your name as an author and add a stock image for your photo unless one is supplied.

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