Why web design is the essence of your business

20 March 2020

There are several design elements that can make your site look stunning and unique. When people visit your site, they like to scroll through each and every information in less time and effort. Read more


10 great ways to make your new website a success

25 January 2020

When you spend your time and money on a new website you want to make sure it is successful. It's not just about making it look nice, it needs to meet your businesses goals and improve and grow your… Read more


Why digital services are important for your business?

04 November 2019

There is no doubt that technology is transforming the way we live and work. Every aspect of our everyday lives is backed by technology in some way or the other. When we talk about technology, the… Read more


Social media matters: Make a difference to you business

28 October 2019

Social media is a boon for businesses. It offers reach, engagement, and more at a low cost — it’s virtually free. Indeed, many small businesses eschew websites altogether in favour of a social… Read more


15 impressive tools to create visual content for your blog and social media

07 October 2019

In this mad world of digital marketing, it is not only your influence and experience that can make or ruin you! The tools, you use that can be a turning-point and make creating visual content more… Read more


Don't despair, you are probably getting more traffic than you think!

02 October 2019

We like to measure our traffic, especially if we are spending money on SEO or ad's to see if they are paying off. But it's a bit more complex than simply looking in Google Analytics, because it seems… Read more


Setting up Google Tag Manager, tracking events and adding HTML for third party services

27 September 2019

You've probably heard of Google Analytics and may be using it already. But have you heard of Google Tag Manager? Tag Manager gives you a huge amount of flexibility to measure events and add custom… Read more


How Litespeed Cache works to improve website loading speed

19 September 2019

Imagine there was a way to instantly speed up the loading of pages on your site, in some cases taking seconds off the overall loading time? Well there is and it's called Litespeed Cache... Read more


Using Schema.org to show your average review stars in Google's Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS)

10 September 2019

It's great ranking on Google for certain search terms, but what if there was a way you could stand out even more from the competition, with minimum effort? Read more


Brighton’s digital industries boom: How, in web design, Sussex became a creative hotspot

03 September 2019

Ask an outsider to describe ‘Sussex’ and they’ll probably talk rolling hills, chalky-white sea-cliffs, charmingly wonky holiday cottages and flowery roadside verges. Narrow it down to ‘Brighton’ and… Read more


6 ways to get more enquiries through your website

13 August 2019

So you've got traffic coming to your site, now you want to maximise the chance of those visitors buying from you. Here are six ways you can do that... Read more


Social media helps in boosting ecommerce sales - Is it true? 10 effective tips for web designers

01 August 2019

Social media has drastically altered the landscape of the world of e-commerce and it has done so predominantly by changing consumer behaviour. Or, some might argue, by granting corporate sector the… Read more


Web hosting explained

04 July 2019

Web hosting is a complex subject with lots of buzz words and acronyms that might not make sense to you. Let's take a look at the most important aspects of web hosting so you can make an informed… Read more


Top UX tips to increase sales on your e- commerce website

03 June 2019

Running a well-rounded e-commerce website is a crucial game and you have to win it all all cost because, honestly, a lot is at stake! The success, sales, and revenue growth of your entire business… Read more


Is your website ready for a viral digital marketing campaign?

30 May 2019

Digital marketing… we all love to hate it. It’s time-consuming, costly and almost impossible to get perfectly right. Yet we still hold out for that holy grail of online marketing success, the viral… Read more


How to develop a strong internal linking structure for your website?

28 May 2019

Only having a website does not give your business or e-commerce project the boost you are looking for! You have to invest in its details to get the golden prize. When we talk about developing a… Read more


7 business networking events in West Sussex

14 May 2019

Networking is a great way of meeting new business owners and socialising. Here are some great networking events in and around West Sussex. Read more


6 relaxing work music compilations

30 April 2019

Listening to music in the background can actually help you work and the right music can keep you calm. Read more

What else can you expect from our web design and development blog? 

There are notable additional topics to read about here on our web design blog due to the close relationship web design and development can have with digital marketing for instance, namely SEO and social media marketing. Google and social media sites are constantly evolving and releasing new updates which affect how their algorithms work, emphasising the importance of staying up to date with how you can successfully tailor your website for both. Below you can find out just how interlinked the worlds of web design and digital marketing are and how when both are executed well, each can harmoniously improve the other to create a strong performing website that positively represents your business.

There is no time to waste, broaden your website knowledge courtesy of our web design and development blog. We hope you find the articles useful, feel free to get in touch should you want more information or have any input of your own that would make a useful addition to the available content. Happy reading!

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