10 great websites that use Concrete5 CMS

25 April 2019

It's always good to know when choosing a platform for your new website, that it has been used before in proper websites. Here are 10 great sites that Concrete5 has been used for... Read more


10 great school websites in Sussex

27 March 2019

We take a look at 10 really nice examples of school websites for Sussex based schools, how they look and work and what information they contain. A website can really help schools to not only establish… Read more


10 Things you can easily learn from in your Google Analytics account

23 January 2019

We're all so busy running our businesses that unless you are a professional marketer the thought of delving through Google Analytics' various screens can be very daunting! Hopefully this list of… Read more


PHP 5.6.x reaches end of life - but don't panic!

08 January 2019

This month (Jan 19) PHP 5.6.x reaches the end of it's life. This means it won't receive updates anymore, (including security updates) and could have major effect on your website! Read more


Add pagelist programatically in Concrete5

15 August 2018

There are many reasons why you may want to hard-code a pagelist rather than use a block. The most common reason I find is when I want to make an ajax pagelist. I will hard-code the pagelist into a… Read more


Concrete5: Prevent spam through your contact forms with a honeypot

18 July 2018

Spam is really annoying and can cripple your inbox. Adding something called a honeypot helps prevent automated spam coming from bots before the form even gets submitted. Read more


Run a tools file in Concrete5 via ajax

16 July 2018

In Concrete5 we can place php files in the tools directory, which we can run with ajax. This means we can load that php file without refreshing the page on page load, or when we click a link or button… Read more


Add Open Graph tags to your Concrete5 site for social media

29 June 2018

With some simple coding, we can generate Open Graph tags automatically, so you can set it and forget it! Read more


Run Litespeed Cache with Concrete5

16 March 2018

Caching systems don't always play ball when you are editing your site because caching is all about serving up saved "snapshots" of a site, whereas editing is all about changing stuff. Litespeed's… Read more


Planning a new website project

21 July 2017

Planning a new website project is essential and prevents misunderstanding and disappointment for the client or web designer. Read more


5 years on: Trends in web design, SEO and social media

19 April 2017

Google trends is a really useful tool that let's us see how searching has changed over time. In addition to monitoring gradual declines or inclines in any subject, you can really see the spikes in the… Read more


Using HTML5 video

07 April 2017

In the old days of HTML4 / XHTML we didn't have any way of easily adding a video, apart from Flash. This opened up a lot of issues such as "does the clients browser have Flash?", and then, are they… Read more


Powerful less mixins

05 April 2017

Less and Sass really make writing lots of CSS much quicker and easier and one of the most important features is the "mixin". Here's... Read more


"I don't have time for social media" - Buffer to the rescue!

14 March 2017

Social media is so busy now, getting heard can be a real challenge. But posting to many different networks and scheduling lots of posts can be really hard work. Read more


Set goals in Google Analytics to measure website conversions

15 December 2016

Google analytics (GA) is a free to use online service that allows you to measure website traffic, referring pages, geographic location of visitors, real time visitors and more. It allows us to set up… Read more


Add a customer feedback form to your website

28 November 2016

Getting feedback from your customers can point you in the direction of how to make improvements or highlight strengths and weaknesses you didn't realise you even had! Read more


5 Reasons why you don't want to buy cheap web hosting

06 October 2016

I get asked why our hosting is more expensive than other, cheaper alternatives on the market. Well, not all hosting is equal and really cheap hosting could bring with it some nasty "extras" that you… Read more


Optimising Concrete5 website performance

24 June 2016

There are different things to look at when optimising page load times on Concrete5 websites. Let's take a look at our options... The first area to check is the server. Read more

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