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WordPress vs Concrete5: Pros and Cons + 4-point Comparison
18 August 2020
While almost everyone has heard of CMS-giant WordPress, few of us know about Concrete5. In fact, it’s probably one of the most underrated CMS’s on the planet. So, in this article, we’re going to try… Read more
Preparing for Google's Page Experience Update
02 August 2020
What is Google's Page Experience update and why do we care about it? How will it affect your site and what do you need to do now to plan for it. Read more
Why pay for a bespoke website, rather than using a website builder?
05 July 2020
A bespoke website can appear to be expensive compared to a website from Wix or Squarespace, but are there advantages that might make it worth while in the long run? Read more
5 ways you can use R8TER to boost your online presence
19 May 2020
Here are 5 ways you can use R8TER to benefit your business right now. Read more
Helping Southwater News promote their new website
14 May 2020
After speaking with Sam at Southwater News we're going to be helping to promote their new website. Read more
Easy things you can do to promote your business during lockdown
05 May 2020
Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, life goes on (to an extent). What can you do during lockdown to easily and cheaply promote your business online? Read more
What Makes A Great Charity Website [+ Examples]
14 April 2020
Creating a great website is tough. To get it right, you need to consider everything from branding to visuals, style and tone, as well as a boatload of technical stuff in between. Read more
Tips for Selecting The Best Digital Marketing Company for Your Business
09 April 2020
Every company knows the importance of adopting different marketing practices to make a new brand popular among potential clients and customers. With the majority of businesses digitalizing their daily… Read more
Is it time to think about starting a new business?
01 April 2020
With Coronavirus going around things are pretty bleak. But a situation like this doesn't last forever and right now you might find yourself with a rare commodity - time to think. Read more
Why Web Design is The Essence of Your Business
20 March 2020
There are several design elements that can make your site look stunning and unique. When people visit your site, they like to scroll through each and every information in less time and effort. Read more
10 great ways to make your new website a success
25 January 2020
When you spend your time and money on a new website you want to make sure it is successful. It's not just about making it look nice, it needs to meet your businesses goals and improve and grow your… Read more
Why Digital Services are Important For your Business?
04 November 2019
There is no doubt that technology is transforming the way we live and work. Every aspect of our everyday lives is backed by technology in some way or the other. When we talk about technology, the… Read more
Social Media Matters: Make a Difference To Your Business
28 October 2019
Social media is a boon for businesses. It offers reach, engagement, and more at a low cost — it’s virtually free. Indeed, many small businesses eschew websites altogether in favour of a social… Read more
15 impressive tools to create visual content for your blog and social media
07 October 2019
In this mad world of digital marketing, it is not only your influence and experience that can make or ruin you! The tools, you use that can be a turning-point and make creating visual content more… Read more
Don't despair, you are probably getting more traffic than you think!
02 October 2019
We like to measure our traffic, especially if we are spending money on SEO or ad's to see if they are paying off. But it's a bit more complex than simply looking in Google Analytics, because it seems… Read more
Setting up Google Tag Manager, Tracking Events and adding HTML for Third Party Services
27 September 2019
You've probably heard of Google Analytics and may be using it already. But have you heard of Google Tag Manager? Tag Manager gives you a huge amount of flexibility to measure events and add custom… Read more
How Litespeed Cache Works to Improve Website Loading Speed
19 September 2019
Imagine there was a way to instantly speed up the loading of pages on your site, in some cases taking seconds off the overall loading time? Well there is and it's called Litespeed Cache... Read more
Using to show your Average Review Stars in Google's Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS)
10 September 2019
It's great ranking on Google for certain search terms, but what if there was a way you could stand out even more from the competition, with minimum effort? Read more

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