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5 Factors of Website Usability
15 February 2016
Here's five important usability factors when considering a new website or optimising an existing website (Infographic) Read more
5 FREE Tools to Help with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
20 January 2016
Search Engine Optimisation is a time consuming task, where you need to compete against the efforts of your competition online. Many tools exist to take away some of the manual work to help speed up… Read more
Designing to a 12 Column Grid
19 November 2015
Bootstrap is one of many CSS frameworks that uses the 12 column grid to create responsive layouts. If we design a website to fit a 12 column grid then we can use bootstrap to build responsive columns… Read more
Welcome to Horsham: Our Home Town
28 October 2015
Based in the county of West Sussex, Horsham is a market town about 30 miles south west of London and only 18.5 miles from Brighton. Read more
Great sites for Web Design inspiration
15 October 2015
Everyone needs inspiration every now and then and web design is no different. When designing new websites we can get "designers block" just like when writers get writers block. Read more
Config Settings for Concrete 5.7 and v8
14 July 2015
Concrete5 v5.7 and v8 allow for custom config settings to help fine tune your Concrete5 website. There are a lot of settings, this post is designed to be a reference to some of the common ones that… Read more
Config Settings for Concrete 5.6
14 July 2015
Concrete5 5.6's config file (/config/site.php) allows us to easily customise some additional features in the CMS. Read more
Disable Block Caching in Concrete5
10 July 2015
Sometimes blocks don't work well if you run Concrete5's cache on them. Imagine the state of a block changes somehow, you may not want this to cache and appear differently to it's default state. Read more

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