Introducing ConcreteCMS

ConcreteCMS (formerly Concrete5) is a "Content Management System" (CMS).  CMS's allow you to make updates to your website yourself, without needing to delve into the HTML to make changes.

In October 2021, version 9 was released.  Version 9 is a major new release that adds new features like multisite support, boards, new built-in gallery block and new UI based on Bootstrap 5.

Do you find it frustrating to update your website, with little access or you can't find how to do what you need to do?  If so then ConcreteCMS can take away those frustrations and make editing your site really easy!

We strongly believe that ConcreteCMS is the best CMS in the market, because it has been designed to be really easy and intuitive to use.  "In-context" editing means you edit your websites' pages on the "front-end", as you look at them. It makes for the perfect partner for our web design services

In-context editing in ConcreteCMS

ConcreteCMS development

If you are already familiar with ConcreteCMS, you may need help that you aren’t getting at the moment.  

As an official ConcreteCMS Service Partner, the developers from our web design agency undertake a huge variety of ConcreteCMS development projects, from new builds to maintenance and amends on existing websites.

Are you experiencing any of these problems?

  • Poor value from current agency or developer
  • Current agency or developer doesn’t have the expertise you need
  • Hard to get answers from our current agency or developers
  • Poor communication from current agency, leading to poor results, or misunderstanding or can’t even get hold of the right people to talk to

We can certainly help out, get in touch today for an initial chat.

You may not be familiar with ConcreteCMS, please check out this blog post on 10 great sites that use ConcreteCMS.

ConcreteCMS could be the platform you are looking for!

ConcreteCMS Development

Challenges we solve with ConcreteCMS

ConcreteCMS is powerful, allowing us to solve many challenges.  If any of these frustrations sound familar then you are going to love ConcreteCMS!:

  • Current site is difficult to update or bugs/errors updating it

  • Understanding your requirements, propose ConcreteCMS, plan site properly, build to be reliable, flexible and stable, as lightweight as possible

  • Custom blocks/Dashboard pages that make complex tasks easy

  • Slow website - ConcreteCMS “built right” is well optimised for performance and efficiency.  Potentially a change hosting will help

  • Security issues, potentially in breach of GDPR

  • SEO issues making you uncompetitive.  Fix technical website issues, upload optimised new content and build strong links courtesy of our SEO agency

  • Need to upgrade the site due to new hosting requirements

  • Current site hacked and looking for a more robust solution

We have solved all of these issues and more for our clients in the past.  Using ConcreteCMS we can take away the frustrations you are facing with your current website and deliver an easy to update, low maintenance, low cost solution that works hard for you.

Bulk SEO Updater in ConcreteCMS

New to ConcreteCMS?

ConcreteCMS is a purpose built CMS. Fit for purpose. Point and click, where you can make any change whenever you want to.

ConcreteCMS is up to date and future proof which means it doesn’t require constant work to keep it up to date like a lot of other systems.  It is open source so there are no subscription costs.

Like any software, Concrete does need some updates, but they are infrequent and can be planned for.

ConcreteCMS also offers excellent “on page SEO” and we would build the site so you can easily add more pages to grow it in the future so this website will last you a very long time.

We have a team of specialist ConcreteCMS developers and have been working with Concrete5/ConcreteCMS for over ten years.

Made Simple Media is an official ConcreteCMS Service Partner, registered with the ConcreteCMS team.  We have completed official ConcreteCMS Accreditations, which shows our knowledge of the platform and enables us to operate as an Agency with Partner Status.

We offer an in-person ConcreteCMS training course that usually takes a few hours and will take you through all the most commonly used features of the CMS so you can edit and add to your website yourself.  You will have a chance to ask questions and try it out during the course.  Training can easily be conducted via Zoom or Teams and is ideal for one to four participants.

Through our hosting partner, we can directly offer UK based hosting that is perfectly suited to ConcreteCMS and runs websites efficiently and reliably.  Our hosting is reasonably priced and perfect for your ConcreteCMS based website, with free SSL cert, daily backups and a free domain name.

If you want to learn more, check out this article about ConcreteCMS, from one of our copywriters Katie.

  • Editing with ConcreteCMS

    Editing with ConcreteCMS

    Make all changes "in-context", as you view the website, as your visitors would!  Pages are made of blocks, you simply hover over one and click Edit.

    This is one of the key concepts of ConcreteCMS and makes it easy to work with and very intuitive.

  • Customise web forms

    Customise web forms

    Customise forms within your site, easily, point and click.

    The powerful built-in forms allow you to create contact points and ask your audience what you want to know without any programming knowledge.

  • Bulk change settings for SEO

    Bulk change settings for SEO

    Review and change your title and meta tags for every page in your site, on one screen!

    ConcreteCMS does not restrict your websites SEO and provides easy tools to help you or your SEO agency make changes and updates.

  • Grow your content

    Grow your content

    ConcreteCMS has a powerful system of creating page types, which helps us make it extremely easy for clients to add new pages.

    For example, we create a Blog pagetype which just the settings you would need to quickly add a new blog post.

  • Extend your sites functionality

    Extend your sites functionality

    ConcreteCMS has a marketplace for addons to help extend it's already impressive functionality.

    In addition we can create bespoke packages and blocks to achieve almost anything within your website.

  • Store all your media

    Store all your media

    All your files, images and videos are stored in a convenient FIle Manager where you can access them, update or even roll back to old versions.

    The File Manager allows you to set up download links, add files to folders and search for certain file types like PDF's.  It's easy and intuitve to use, like everything in ConcreteCMS!

Concrete results

The outcome of this is that we have 70+ clients using ConcreteCMS, some of them are very busy organisations, updating their websites on a daily basis!

Having trained many clients in how to use ConcreteCMS, it  has become a massive part of clients marketing and allows them to quickly add new campaign landing pages, undertake SEO and content marketing and stay up to date with their audiences.  Because a lot of their website editing is now in house, it is continuing to save clients valuable time and money.

We host over 120+ ConcreteCMS websites, keeping them backed up, secure and performing as the client would expect.   Our team were chosen to build the new website for the world-renowned Brooklands Museum and high profile charities such as St George's Hospital Charity, Imperial Health Charity and Sir Simon Milton Foundation.

We have built countless blocks, bespoke addons and brochure and eCommerce sites.  Virtually anything is possible for our highly experienced team who have varying skills, but share one common passion: ConcreteCMS!

Check out some feedback from our clients.

ConcreteCMS Training via Zoom or Teams

What's next?

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We commissioned David at Made Simple Media to build our website for About Mortgages. David was responsive, incredibly patient, on budget and provided a great finished product that we're delighted with.

Paul, About Mortgages


I am Chief Executive of a charity. When I took over our website crashed and we lost all our data. We switched hosts to Made Simple Media, took on a brand new CMS and we have never looked back. Dave was fantastic then and remains so. Always approachable, quick to respond and great tools to help you on your way.

Matthew Sykes, Sir Simon Milton Foundation


Due to business expansion I needed to make some amendments to a existing WordPress website. I asked Made Simple Media for some suggestions on the ideas I had and he was super helpful and came up with some great ideas to make the website perform and navigate better. Him and his team then did a great job in putting the ideas to practice and I was kept informed as the work was underway. Highly recommend Dave and his team!

Matthew Naylor, The Performance Zone


We are delighted with the quality of our new website, which has enabled us to effectively communicate our various areas of work and build an engaged and increasingly active audience. The common-sense design and easy-to-navigate structure has also helped us establish our organisational identity following a full rebrand in 2017. The support has been excellent throughout.

Jack Dixon, Imperial Health Charity


Great personal service from Made Simple Media to understand our requirements, and explain every step in the design process for our new website. They are always on hand to give support and guidance, and we now have a professional website that is attractive and easy to manage. Many thanks!

Peter, Henfield Theatre Company

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