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Web Design

At Made Simple Media we plan, we design, and we build your next stand out website keeping simplicity at the core of everything we do. Our focus is creating a cutting edge website experience, beautifully designed and built, and easier to manage than anything you’ve worked with before.

Stanford Skiing Website
KSM Auto Clinic
Imperial Charity
Dragonfly Services
4U Valeting Website
Henfield Theatre Company

Bespoke Development & Design

We have designed and built websites for a broad range of clients from start-ups and local enterprises to multinational companies. Our work ranges from designing sites from scratch to comprehensive re-designs and ongoing maintenance.

We ensure our Solutions will always be:

  • Simple to Buy
  • Simple to Use
  • Simple to Change
  • Simple to Extend

We offer web design in Horsham and service clients throughout West Sussex, Brighton, Crawley and London.

Our designers favour a flat, clean and modern look that lends itself well to responsive web design (mobile and tablet friendly). To complement our approach, we use the industry-standard “Bootstrap" framework so that your website’s code can be understood by all good web developers, making ongoing maintenance a breeze.

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Qs Motorcycles

Dave (at Made Simple Media) was just wonderful, he created a really beautiful website design for me which is so simple to use and update as required. Fantastic support service too.

Planning for Success

No one knows your business better than you, so to ensure the success of your project, we keep you involved every step of the way.

We get your project off to the best start during the initial consultation where we listen to your expectations and needs. Our team then map out the rest of the project based on what you say. Our comprehensive process includes:

Our process is:  Plan it Right. Design it Right. Build it Right:

Plan it. We’ll look at the current website, what you want to achieve, what's wrong and what's right. Discuss proposed sitemap to then give structure to the new website.
Get you to review the proposed sitemap and make sure you are happy that all your important pages are not super buried within the sitemap and everything is there and complete.

Once the sitemap is agreed, we’ll move on to planning the wireframes, this allows us to play around with your website and get the desired layout, and make sure that the user experience resonates with what you set out to achieve and is easy to use for your customers.

Then you’ll be in a position to approve the sitemap and wireframes.

Design it: Once you’ve approved the sitemap and wireframes, you can move onto the design stage, this is where we’ll add your branding (logo/graphics images/colour scheme). At this stage additional content may also be required and we can work with you to ensure this resonates with your audience.

We then design all of the key pages (page types (a series of templates) which you can reuse to grow your website in the future).

Once design is approved, we can start the build stage.

Build it: This is where we do the HTML, css and javascript and the website moves into being interactive. Normally building the home page first and getting your approval before moving onto the next pages.

At this point we would try and get the content from you and then highlight any sections of the website that appear sparse or lacking in substance from a content perspective.

You then need to check all pages on the site and provide us with any final amendments.

Once we are both happy the website is ready, it needs to be fully tested.

We will use a range of browsers and devices and our website testing software, as well as physical humans! Then we are set for launching the new website in all it’s glory when you are ready to go live. 

This ongoing communication drives the success of our projects, keeps our clients on our books and returning for future collaborations. To learn more, see what our clients have to say or read up on our approach.

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Planning For Success

Made Simple Media have done excellent work for me over the last two and a half years. Highly recommend!

Problems we Solve

Do any of these sound familiar?  

Problem:  Hard to make updates (Lack of time to manage the site, shelf life of technology has come to an end, the supporting partner has come to an end or refuses to support the technology any more) - this create a business problem
Solution:  Purpose built CMS. Fit for purpose. Point and click. Any change. Any time. CMS editing made simple.

Problem: Design that looks unprofessional (Level of client dissatisfaction that is impacting conversion or sign up of new customers).
Solution: When MSM plans a new website we will review your competitors, look at the sites you love, design using flat, responsive modern design and the latest design trends, a full consideration of your audience and what they want to find, and designing a solution that solves the questions your business needs answering. We then wireframe the site, and only then move to the design phase, including the image colour and branding.

Other frustrations for prospective clients can include:

  • Design that just doesn't work - UX issues (Unusable website that frustrates customers causing them to bounce and go off to a competitor)
  • Poor accessibility (Website traffic through mobile accounting for more than half and people hate the experience)
  • Poor communication from current agency (Missed sales/ ineffective response times, high blood pressure)
  • Poor value from current agency
  • Hard to get answers from current agency
  • Understand your business to provide the right solutions

Would you like to

  • Improve enquiries/sales/conversions
  • Improve representation of company
  • Add new functionality they want to promote
  • Create better brand awareness
  • Deliver on Marketing objectives: More traffic, leads, brand awareness, and exposure
  • Make easier updates, new products, and add new promotions etc

We are here to help, challenge us today!

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We are delighted with the website that Made Simple Media created for St Andrew's Church, N16. They really understood our vision for the project and turned it into reality, whilst suggesting additional ideas throughout. The whole project was seamless and enjoyable.

User Experience (UX) Design

User Experience, or UX for short, is the feeling a user gets when they interact with your site. We design and build websites that offer a positive user experience by making sure it’s easy to navigate and use.

Visitors to your website fall into different groups, or ‘personas’. Each user persona wants something specific from your site. A visitor to a charity’s website might want to:

  • Donate money
  • Help fundraise
  • Get information from a specific department
  • Interview a member of staff

To account for people’s different needs, we design and build a website that takes each into account and maps out the best journey for all of your users. 

During our first meeting with you, we take the time to learn about the way people will use your site and we keep this conversation going throughout our process.

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User Experience Ux2

Designed to Convert

Your website is your online hub. It’s where all of your other marketing efforts point to and where you generate interest in what you do. Its purpose is to turn visitors into customers, subscribers or registered users and this transformation is what we call ‘conversion’. At Made Simple Media, we build websites that prioritise ‘conversion optimisation’ a.k.a getting the best response possible from your users.

When designing a new site, we consider how to get your visitors from A to B as quickly and successfully as possible, focusing on making every page profitable.

We use Google Analytics to set up ‘Events’ that help track visitor behaviour and measure conversion statistics across your site.

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Designed To Convert2

We are delighted with the quality of our new website, which has enabled us to effectively communicate our various areas of work and build an engaged and increasingly active audience. The common-sense design and easy-to-navigate structure has also helped us establish our organisational identity following a full rebrand in 2017. The support has been excellent throughout.

After Going Live

There’s more to a successful website than great design and seamless set-up. In the longer-term, you need to know what is working and what isn’t so you can keep it on top form.

We use Google Analytics to collect data about who is using your website and how they are behaving when they’re there. You’ll be able to easily see:

  • How many people are visiting your site per day.
  • How long they are staying on each page.
  • What they are looking at when there.
  • How this differs by demographics like age, gender and location.

As well as tracking important insights, your new website may require occasional maintenance. Once live, we perform a battery of tests to ensure your site is as fast and effective as it can be.

We use Google’s Search Console to keep an eye on the health of your site. It raises red flags whenever there are technical issues that might negatively impact your website’s performance.

As part of our comprehensive web design and development service, we provide all clients with free, extensive guides detailing how to update and maintain their new asset. And, for a small additional fee, we offer complete a course CMS training that takes new web managers from beginner to expert in no time.

For those who don’t want the hassle of learning a new skill from scratch, our developers can provide ongoing maintenance services at a standard, hourly rate.

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After Going Live

Speed Matters

Website load speed really matters. Whether it’s waiting for a page to appear on screen, or anticipating the action of an interactive feature, people hate to wait. If they’re delayed longer than a few seconds, they’ll leave, driving down conversions, reducing ROI, pushing up bounce rate and plummeting the site down the search engine rankings.

When it comes to speed, faster is better.  We optimise all new websites by taking steps like reducing the number of http requests, optimising images and graphic elements, using PHP 7 and Opcache, adding expires headers and various levels of caching. As a result, our clients get a dramatically faster website that retains more visitors.

At Made Simple Media, we are also pleased to offer super-fast hosting that transforms a slow website to a fast one with minimal cost. 

Learn more about our Concrete5 and Wordpress hosting...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a professional web designer?
With a professional web designer you have access to someone on the phone and email who can answer your questions and guide you through the whole process. Websites designed by us are bespoke to you and perfectly represent who you are and help build your brand. DIY website builders like Wix are ok, but you may find you hit a wall when you want to do something and the system cannot do it. With a bespoke website, the answer is nearly always yes!
Are you an established web design company I can trust?
Yes! We have been going since 2014 and incorporated the business in 2015. Our team have many years experience prior to Made Simple Media working in other roles at other companies. We look after over 100 websites and have excellent client retention. We are here to stay!
How much does a website cost?
It's really hard to say because every project is different. The cost depends on the functionality that the site has, the number of pages and what content needs to be added on each page. We quote for what you need and want and don't try and fit you into a package.
Do you also host websites?
Yes, we host many websites. We are a reseller for a leading UK based company who offer the best level of support that we have found in the marketplace Our hosting is fast, stable and secure. Please enquire for more details
Are there any ongoing costs with a new website?
Some clients like to arrange a monthly maintenance retainer with us, others just pay for anything they need on an ad-hoc basis. There is also a yearly cost for hosting, email with free domain name. There are also occasional upgrades, although if you go for Concrete5, it is very low maintenance and requires less updates than most other systems.
What website technologies do you work with?
We work with Concrete5 CMS and Wordpress. We don't currently work with other systems.
I would want to meet you face to face, is that possible?
Yes! We like to meet our clients face to face and are happy to travel to you for a meeting, providing you are located within London and the South East of England.
My company is not based in the UK, can you still help?
Yes, we have worked with clients in Europe, Australia and the United States.
Do you also offer marketing services?
Absolutely, we offer SEO and PPC services like Google Ads, please ask us for details.
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Web Design

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Lets start making it simple for you, and simple for your users.
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What do our clients say?

Thank you to Dave at madesimplemedia for improving our SEO rankings

Southwater News

Made Simple Media created a fabulous website for us, and we couldn't be more pleased with the final result! They endured our endless 'tweaking' with charm & patience and the end result is above and beyond what we were aiming for - a site that not only raises our profile, but is stylish to boot! Cannot recommend Made Simple Media enough.

Dragonfly Creations Ltd

Very professional, helpful, easy to deal with. I ended up with a nice looking site, good functionality. Thanks Dave.

Athol A

Friendly flexible service

Gavin Jones Group

Great personal service from Made Simple Media to understand our requirements, and explain every step in the design process for our new website. He was always on hand to give support and guidance, and we now have a professional website that is attractive and easy to manage. Many thanks!

Peter Ingledew

We commissioned David to build our website for About Mortgages. David was responsive, incredibly patient, on budget and provided a great finished product that we're delighted with.

Paul Davies
About Mortgages

We are delighted with the quality of our new website, which has enabled us to effectively communicate our various areas of work and build an engaged and increasingly active audience. The common-sense design and easy-to-navigate structure has also helped us establish our organisational identity following a full rebrand in 2017. The support has been excellent throughout.

Jack Dixon, Imperial Health Charity
Imperial Health Charity

Dave modified various technical aspects of the site to make it load more quickly and for it to run faster. He also detected some additional major issues that needed fixing. All the work was carried out in just a few days to my total satisfaction. My website listing on Google now has a continual steady increase in the number of impressions and clicks it receives as a direct result of Dave Reeder’s expert advice and skills!

Mark Reeves

I honestly could not of fell on my feet more with made simple media. Everything I asked for has been done, simplifying things i was unsure about and basically made what I had in my head become a reality. A big thing for me is the availability of being able to get in touch when needed to and this was no issue what so ever. I can’t thank you enough Dave

Bobby Lord

Made Simple Media have been extremely professional, helpful and excellent value for money. David Reeder really listened and understood what we wanted before doing the work and it has resulted in us having exactly the site we wanted. In my experience changing a website can be a real hassle but Made Simple Media ensured that the process was efficient, friendly and really quite painless! We highly recommend this company.

Back To Health

We started working with David at Made Simple Media when we needed alterations and pages added to our website. He has advised us well on what we might like to add, has always been a pleasure to deal with, is reliable, and responds quickly. I would highly recommend working with David and MSM!

Ella Lamport

We are delighted with the website that Made Simple Media created for St Andrew's Church, N16. They really understood our vision for the project and turned it into reality, whilst suggesting additional ideas throughout. The whole project was seamless and enjoyable.

Stuart Smith

Due to business expansion I needed to make some amendments to a existing WordPress website. I asked Dave for some suggestions on the ideas I had and he was super helpful and came up with some great ideas to make the website perform and naviage better. Him and his team then did a great job in putting the ideas to practice and I was kept informed as the work was underway. Highly recommend Dave and his team!

Matthew Naylor

Dave has made a number of websites for us and his work is always of a high standard. He is fast acting when we need help and I would happily recommend Made Simple Media to anyone looking for web development help.

Chris Taylor

Very happy with our new website - we've had a massive increase in enquiries and it looks great

Liz Allison

It is always a pleasure to work with Dave. His expertise, enthusiasm and flexibility are invaluable to me on any project we collaborate on. I can't recommend him highly enough!

Kevin McDermott

I've been working with Made Simple Media for more than 2 years on dozens of web and digital projects. Dave and his team always deliver excellent, thoughtful solutions on time and on budget.

Marc Stress

Made Simple Media offer the perfect balance of technical/digital knowledge, design know-how and professional client service. We'd recommend them to anyone.

Howell Hicks

David is an incredibly talented professional. Extremely analytical and sharp, he understands the pros and cons of every situation. As well as being a great professional he is also a very talented web designer that thinks in terms of user experience and search engine friendliness. He is definitely someone I take great pleasure in working with.

Alexandre Grela

Dave was just wonderful, he created a really beautiful website design for me which is so simple to use and update as required. Fantastic support service too.

Jane Griffin

Dave has strong technical skills coupled to professional design understanding. He built and has since extended our Concrete 5 website and maintains it in excellent shape. Would certainly recommend Dave highly.

Mike Daniels

I've worked with Dave at "Made Simple Media" on a number of projects. He has always responded quickly, effectively and competitively. If you're looking for a creative web solution, some effective coding or some online support "Made Simple Media" is a good place to start.

Tim Petherbridge

Made Simple Media have done excellent work for me over the last two and a half years. Highly recommend!

Tim Ingle

Made Simple Media is our first choice when it comes website development and technical support. They have always responded quickly and effectively to everything we have thrown at them. Their technical knowledge and their 'can do' attitude is always reassuring. Aside from this, they are always a pleasure to deal with.

Jane Roberts

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