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Our Processes

We follow a set of processes to ensure our clients are kept involved and up to date with progress.
Using these simple processes ensures projects head in the right direction and are completed on time.

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1. Planning

We discuss with you about what you want to achieve with the new website and what pages are most important.  We then produce a sitemap and wireframes to help agree on the site architecture.


2. Design

The sitemap and wireframes give us a good insight into how the website will function.  Armed with the knowledge we now start the design of the website, showing you the key page types that the site will be created from.  Once the designs are approved, we are ready to move to the next stage...


3. Build

Once the design is approved we start to code the site, which is known as the build.  This is where you see the design come to life and you can interact with it.  We'll let you see the homepage once it's built and check that everything is coming together as desired.


4. Testing & Approval

Once the build is complete and you are happy with everything we will fully test the site in different browsers and on different devices to make sure it is ready to go live.  We will then ask for final approval before setting it live.


5. What's Next?

Once live, we install Google Analytics and Search Console to monitor traffic to the site and make sure there are no issues with it.  The tools are really handy for seeing what people do on the site and how long they stay browsing around etc.

We are always on hand to help out with ad hoc changes and additions or you can take out a maintenance package if you need regular work.

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Project Management

All projects are fully managed to ensure they run smoothly, using an Agile/Scrum style board and other project management tools to book in work, assign tasks and ensure we run our process as smoothly as possible.

Project management is absolutely essential, even a small website will have a checklist of 30 - 100 items, so we like to make sure all tasks are added to lists and then completed in turn to ensure nothing is forgotten.

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