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    Social media has grown from an activity reserved for the computer lab to a mainstay of our everyday lives.  With more than 2 billion monthly active users across platforms, social media is a powerful tool for reaching target audiences.

    Even as adoption continues to grow, the possibility for new trends and innovations in social media remains high. The adoption of new technologies like virtual reality and artificial intelligence is opening new doors for creators and marketers alike. But where does social media go from here? Social media trends are constantly changing, especially when it comes to emerging or niche platforms like Instagram Stories or Musical.ly.

    However, there are also some broad ideas that serve as commonalities among all these different platforms. As you begin developing your brand’s social strategy moving forward, keep in mind these 10 social media trends we predict will impact the industry in 2022.

    Brands take greater advantage of data

    Social media is all about data, but brands have historically held most of that data for themselves. We’ve predicted that social media will continue to shift towards a more data-driven model, with brands taking a more significant role in collecting and leveraging data from social channels. When we talk about social media marketing, with the help of Connecticut SEO experts, marketing would increases vastly. This may take the form of more robust analytics features or visualizations that help brands understand their audiences better. It may also take the form of more significant in-app purchases that allow brands to leverage their data assets to drive more engagement. This could also extend to more creative uses of data, like targeting specific audiences with ads based on their interests.

    Video becomes even more important

    It’s no secret that video has been one of the most important mediums for social media for some time now, but it’s also poised to become even more important over the next few years. Video content has also recently become a key component for SEO agency's, in line with Google's latest algorithm update. With the rise of new technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality, video’s ability to offer a rich, immersive experience will become even more significant. In fact, a recent report by Cisco predicts that live video will make up 75% of all internet traffic by the year 2021. This means that brands need to make sure they are ready to capitalize on the growing importance of video across all platforms. This includes sites like Facebook and Twitter, which have significantly increased the amount of video content in recent years.

    Virtual Reality

    Virtual Reality continues its growth

    Virtual reality has been a growing trend among social media platforms since the first headsets were released. However, as new headsets come out and more consumers buy into the technology, we’ve predicted that VR will become even more of a mainstay in the social media landscape. Newer VR headsets offer more advanced visuals and experiences than ever before, making them more accessible to a wider range of users. Additionally, social media platforms have begun to offer more VR-friendly content, using 360-degree videos and other interactive elements to support the technology. With VR, it’s possible to create truly immersive experiences for your brand or product. This is especially true with the rise of social VR, which enables people to interact with each other in virtual spaces.

    Voice-based communication will become commonplace

    As voice-based AI assistants like Amazon’s Alexa continue to grow in popularity, we’ve predicted that voice-based communication will become a more ubiquitous part of everyday life. This will likely begin with more and more social media users leveraging voice-based communication features to interact with their favourite platforms. However, it’s also possible that social media platforms will begin to pivot towards more voice- based communication features. This would likely include the use of AI to create richer, more personalized experiences. Voice-based communication offers many benefits, including the ability to seamlessly integrate into people’s daily lives and a reduced reliance on visual communication. This could also be applied to social media in the form of an AI-powered chatbot that allows users to interact with your brand in a more personalized way.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence continues to advance

    Artificial intelligence has become a significant part of many people’s daily lives, and it’s likely to become even more important as time goes on. AI technologies like machine learning and natural language processing are becoming more advanced, giving brands and developers new opportunities to apply AI to social media. We’ve predicted that AI will continue to advance, especially with regard to natural language processing. This means that your favourite apps could start learning from your communications, adjusting their interfaces and recommendations to better suit your needs. This could also include more advanced capabilities like automated chatbots. Trust in AI is growing rapidly, with many consumers expressing a desire for more AI-driven experiences. Social media is a natural place for brands to implement these new technologies, allowing them to provide a more personalized experience for their users.


    Social media is constantly evolving, but these are some of the trends we expect to see in the coming years.  Brands need to stay agile and be prepared to move quickly to keep up with these trends, and they also need to take advantage of these new opportunities.  With the right social media strategy, you can take advantage of these trends and use them to reach your target audience. Our web design services are built to provide strong foundations for social media campaigns directing traffic towards landing pages of a business. 

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