So you've got traffic coming to your site, now you want to maximise the chance of those visitors buying from you. Here are six ways you can do that...

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    First of all check your Google Analytics to see how much traffic you are getting.  You're not going to convert all visitors to enquiries or sales, but you really need to make sure you are converting as many as possible.

    How can you encourage people to contact you?  You need to make it easy and as painless as possible, otherwise people will move on.

    There are so many things you can do to help those website visitors to get in touch, here are six ideas to get you started:

    Clear Calls to Action to Get in Touch

    It sounds simple, but sometimes it gets overlooked.  Having clear ways of contacting the website owner is incredibly important.  Visitors are in a hurry, they've got other stuff to do.  Don't make them work to find your CTA's, make it obvious and clear so they know what to do straight away.

    Clear Calls to Action to Get in Touch

    On Mobile add a Click to Call Button

    Using a mobile phone to browse the web is very different to using a desktop computer with a keyboard and mouse.  It's harder to do a lot of things with a small touchscreen compared to a keyboard, so users tend to write less messages, but one thing that is much easier is making a call!

    Add a simple phone icon which calls your number using a link with "tel:[yournumber]" in the href attribute as per the guidedance and it could boost your enquiries from mobile users.

    On Mobile add a Click to Call Button

    Add Exit Modals

    Exit modals are the popups/modals that appear when you've been on the site and move the mouse pointer out of the window to navigate away.  I prefer them to the classic popup that appears immediately or after a while and blocks the content you are trying to read!  They are not so intrusive and annoying.  However, they are pretty much for desktop only because they detect mouse movement which we don't have on touch devices of course.

    Adding an offer with a voucher code or similar to an exit modal can give visitors that final push into contacting you or buying your products or services.

    Add Exit Modals

    Build Trust and Credibility with Reviews, Awards etc.

    Nearly every business has a lot of competition and building trust with your visitors goes a long way to helping them feel safe about contacting you and spending money with you.

    When we create new websites for clients, we sometimes find they have lots of great reviews on Google or Trustpilot, yet there is no mention of them on their website.  So we add review blocks so either the reviews can be added manually or they can automatically be shown on the website too.

    Also, if you have awards they are a great thing to show on your site.  Any third party positive feedback can only help your visitors feel happier about trusting your company.

    Build Trust and Credibility with Reviews, Awards etc

    Add an Offer to Sweeten the Deal

    People love to get a special offer or deal.  It makes the result feel like a bargain.  Some industrys/companies never do special offers and others do them all the time!

    Adding a special offer is something that we can easily test.  Measure your conversions before doing the offer, then add the offer to the website and measure again after.

    A study revealed deals and promotions affect every part of the shopping experience.

    Add an Offer to Sweeten the Deal

    Make sure your Website Loads Quickly

    Here is a subject I talk about a lot, website loading speed.  It's really important because if your site is slow people are going to get frustrated and they won't want to keep loading more pages to look at more products/services.  If they don't keep looking, then your chance of making a sale is much lower.

    If you are serious about your business and it's website, you need to invest in quality hosting and get your website optimised (if it isn't already) so that the pages load quickly.

    Mobile devices may be running on 4G or 5G that could even be faster than your broadband but they have lower processing power so complex websites will still load slower.

    By using high performance hosting for Concrete5 or Wordpress hosting to speed up your site, you can really improve sales and enquiries.

    Read more about website hosting.

    Make sure your Website Loads Quickly


    Whether you sell services, products or if you run a charity, there are certain things you want your visitors to do.  We don't get websites for the fun of it, we have websites to try and make sales online.

    With these things in mind, you probably have specific pages where visitors will most likely "convert" to a sale/enquiry.  Just take some time to look at these pages, show them to friends and ask them if it is obvious enough what they should do to contact you or buy from you.

    Ecommerce is a really tough space online and with competition from giants like Ebay and Amazon, your website needs to be spot on to get the sales.  Read everything you can about selling online and put it into practice and the rewards will follow.  Also check out our Top UX tips to increase sales on your e- commerce website article for more ideas!

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