HR solution with employee self-service capabilities is a must-have tool for businesses in today’s world. The software allows your management and employees to access crucial information without calling, texting, emailing, or visiting the HR department.

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    Both the administration and employees can save a lot of time they spend on writing and approving leave applications or sharing personal data manually. The article explains some essential features that your HR software must have. Let’s explore these attributes in detail.

    Absence management – What is it?

    A highly configurable, rules-based HR software enables businesses to manage employee absenteeism efficiently and effectively. Online requests and approvals make the process even faster. When streamlining the absence process framework, businesses should implement the rules and policies carefully.

    In simple terms, absence management is the process to manage and track employee absence during office hours. The aim is to identify and monitor employees that are not present due to illness or other reasons.

    With an efficient HR tool, you can manage all kinds of absents such as planned absence, unexpected absence, last-minute absence, and virtual absence in just a few taps. An automated absence management process keeps the HR managers, employees, and admin identifying employees who are on leave or close to having a holiday.

    Why is Absence Management Important?

    Employees need a fair share of vacations to rest and recover. A proper leave management process must be in place for managing employee time-off requests in an impartial, accurate, and effective manner. The HR departments and management hold the responsibility to handle employee vacation requests fairly in a structured manner.

    Absence management also helps customize employee training based on vacations, day-offs, and upcoming holidays. In many organizations, employee training is a crucial part of personal development strategy as it helps keep individuals updated with current industry trends.

    Why is Personal Development Important?

    HR software solutions also help managers to track employee performance and monitor progression in training and development programs conducted by the employer at regular intervals. HR managers can identify employees’ skill sets and can help them strengthen their quality of work.

    Tracking employees’ personal development can help managers to identify and develop employee potential which helps reduce staff turnover. This eventually increases employee engagement in the long term.

    How can HR Software Benefit Business & Employees?

    HR software benefits the business as well as the employee – equally. It saves businesses the time and effort they put into handling repetitive administration tasks. Businesses can automate mundane processes to increase overall employee productivity. Moreover, feature-rich HR software will give managers a detailed insight into employee performance.

    A well-equipped people management tool will help employees and businesses to keep their data up-to-date. Employees can enter their personal information, make absence request, and keep a track of available leave. HR teams can view employee data, leave requests, and can send approvals online.

    Are you too looking to employ responsive HR software to handle day-to-day HR operations? Ciphr is a highly configurable people management software that allows you to automate human resource operations and focus on more productive areas for growth.

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