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How Fonts and Colors Make Your UI Incredible

Dave Reeder

by Dave Reeder , 01 September 2020

How Fonts and Colors Make Your UI Incredible
Companies like Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Miles are among the top-rated companies regarding their loyalty programs. They have a fantastic User Interface on their websites that help them gain new customers, and the loyalty program gets them to retain those customers, this is how they build their successful businesses.

The user interface is how a person can interact with a computer. When we talk about UI, we are mainly talking about the user interface of a website. The site's look and feel and how interactive it is for the potential customers in that case. The user interface incorporates all kinds of buttons, colors, icons, and typography; even the white space on a website is a part of the user interface. Significantly, the company's site looks impressive so that people are impressed by it, and they do not feel confused while they are using it. Several advertising agencies in Abu Dhabi are working their best to promote brands. Still, their main emphasis is on the website's outlook, as the customers would be visiting the site before they buy the product. That is the reason why websites are given importance in the modern era of 2020.

Why is it important?

What does every business want at the end of the day? They want to retain their customers. However, it is not as easy as it seems, companies have to maintain their website throughout the changing trends and use other marketing strategies. Many companies have a loyalty program management software that enables them to encourage their customers to make recurring purchases. Loyal customers are given special discounts and loyalty cards to entice them to stay connected with their brand. Companies like Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Miles are among the top-rated companies regarding the loyalty programs.
They have fantastic User Interface on their websites that help them gain new customers, and the loyalty program gets them to retain those customers, this is how they built a successful business.

When designing a website, there are specific rules that you shall follow so that people may like your website. Remember one thing, the first impression is likely to be the last impression, and according to that, you shall give in your 100 percent efforts to try to make the best website for your brand. Some of the tips that one should consider are mentioned and explained in this blog so that people can benefit from the information in a scenario where they do not know where to start from while they build a website.

1. Typography

Let us imagine a website with images but no text whatsoever; it would not be self-explanatory and would seem incomplete. The content present on a website is what decides if the person would stay and spend time exploring the website or move to some other site because of readability issues in the previous one. 


Headings are vital for the user experience; they catch the user's attention to start reading through the website. Choose your fonts carefully so they work well as headings and as body copy.  Avoid overly-fancy fonts for the body and most likely avoid them for headings too.  Handwritten or script fonts can be used sparingly to enhance the look of the site. Make sure the heading is bold and/or stands out nicely compared to the body text. 


As for the body, the text has to be smaller and highly ledgible.  Make sure that it is easy to read, so not too small, narrow or too fancy. It is up to the body text to ensure that the business retains the customer while they are on the website.

Break up blocks of type

Even with nice typography, huge blocks of text are unlikely to be read unless it is a blog or info page where visitors want to take time to read all the details.  On service, product or landing pages you want to quickly communicate your offering.  Break up large blocks of type with images or carousels etc to help the user retain where they are on the page.

2. Colour scheme

When a company is deciding on what colour they shall choose for their brand, they shall invest enough time and effort in understanding colour psychology: ways in which colours impact the behaviors and moods of the people.

UX Design


Using blue colours makes it easy for the brand to gain trust from the people.  Blue promotes peace and a sense of security in people's minds. However, one can use red for brands related to hard work and passion, such as gyms and sports-related e-commerce stores. The brown colour is associated with a warm and welcoming feeling, and it is used in the websites that sell chocolates or furniture. You have to choose accordingly. 

Pairing of colours

It is always a good idea to use a different shade of the same colour on a website; it adds a layer and makes the site look appealing. However, using a contrast or opposite colour also works well in areas where the text is not visible due to the background. 

Tools to help in deciding colours

There are different tools available online to help choose a color for your website, namely:, and Mock plus. You can upload your image on these color pickers and create the palette that you can use on your website then.


When you choose colours for your website, consider accessibility.  You may have visitors with poor eye sight or who are colour blind.  Always make sure there is an excellent contrast between background images or colours and any text that overlays them.  Avoid colours that clash, on some screens they could merge into one and you lose nice sharp edges.  Also some very light shades may appear white on some of your visitors screens.

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