With Coronavirus going around things are pretty bleak. But a situation like this doesn't last forever and right now you might find yourself with a rare commodity - time to think.

So what do you think about when you're at home?  Well, I highly recommend you avoid following the news and reading about the current situation.  Sure, check it once or twice a day, but if you follow it constantly then it's only going to fuel your depression, paranoid and anxiety about the current situation that we find ourselves in.

If you are unable to work, or find yourself with less work than normal then you need to channel your mental and physical energy into something new and productive.

Is it time to start a new business or project?  Something you've always wanted to do but never found time before?

We've all heard the expression that "time is money".  As I've grown older and gotten busier I've really come to realise how valuable time is.  Infact I'm finding I'm less stressed now than before Covid-19 because I am not quite so busy and my working days are a little shorter!

However, if you do have spare time and are getting bored, please try and use the time you currently have because once this thing blows over you'll be back to a busy life style and wishing you had used it productively.

Businesses aren't born over night, they take a lot of planning.  What do you want to do?  Who is your market?  How will you reach your market?  What are the risks and what do you need to invest in the business? etc. etc.  I help out my clients all the time with these questions and much more.

So, whilst you have time, think about what you would like your post-Covid-19 future to look like and start working on that future today.

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