It would not be wrong to say that plugins are one of the biggest blessings in the life of a developer. It makes work so much easier for them. It saves them from spending unnecessary amounts of time coding and allows developers to relax by adding the plugin to the website they are working on, quickly and easily.

WordPress is thought to power close to one-third of all websites, and utilising plugins to build them has become commonplace for web developers. Their influence is evident given that over 1.5 billion plugins have been downloaded from the plugin repository on alone. To make an informed choice for your website, you should take a few crucial factors into account before you decide to use WordPress plugins.

Reasons why plugins are time-saver for WordPress developers

Some of the reasons, why plugins are great for developers:

  • They are reliable
  • They can reduce cost
  • They are flexible
  • They save time - makes micro-adjustments less complex  
  • They can be used to switch user
  • They help with the regeneration of thumbnail
  • They make debugging easier
  • They add custom fields
  • Check themes with a few clicks
  • They make log deprecated notices

They are reliable

They are often highly trustworthy. Because plugins are now so crucial to the development of WordPress, many of them are made and maintained by respectable businesses that update them frequently to correct issues and increase security. Depending on your demands, many plugins provide varying degrees of capability, with a free version for the most fundamental capabilities and a premium one for more sophisticated ones. While this does imply that plugins can be expensive, they are normally less than $100, which is probably much less expensive than paying engineers to provide that functionality themselves. Choosing paid plugins has the advantage that their developers have an incentive to keep their consumers satisfied by updating the plugins.

They can reduce cost

The biggest benefit of using plugins for developers is that they reduce the amount of time spent on development, which can reduce the overall cost of a website.'s library presently has over 55,000 plugins, giving developers access to plugins for almost every purpose. This might include more intricate features like e-commerce or multilingual support as well as simpler changes like enabling site administrators to add Google Analytics tracking to a website without editing any code.

They are flexible

Plugins give developers the freedom to alter the features and functioning of websites. The majority of plugins allow users to change styles, such as fonts, colours, and sizes, to match the rest of the website. Additionally, removing a plugin from your website is a simple process if you ever decide to do so.

They save time - makes micro-adjustments less complex   

Plugins can actually save a lot of time. For example web-stores having huge catalogues always have their developers on-board to tackle any issue but things can take time in these websites because even for a seasoned developer finding the issue, going through tonnes of code to reach the source of the problem and then finding its solution, can be a quite rigorous task. On the other hand if the devs are using B2B for WooCommerce which is considered to be the ultimate B2B solution for any online store, problem identification and solution finding becomes easier. It becomes easier because the developer has less data in a more presentable form to deal with hence making micro-adjustments easier to execute.

Switch users in WordPress

They can be used to switch user

The finest time-saving technique for developers is user switching. Have you ever wondered how to rapidly log in and out of your WordPress site to check how other visitors see it? You may now use this plugin to transition between multiple users on your site without constantly logging in and out, which will save you a tonne of time. You can transition between logged-in users with this plugin without logging in and out each time. A new option called Switch off will appear on the WordPress admin bar after installation and activation. You may switch between WordPress users fast and effortlessly with the press of a button.

They help with the regeneration of thumbnails

Developers can recreate all of the picture library's thumbnails in the new sizes they want using the regenerate thumbnails feature. You can regenerate all of the thumbnails with a single click, which saves time compared to repeatedly producing each thumbnail. This plugin ought to be your top pick if you're trying to find the ideal way to regenerate thumbnails when you create themes.

They make debugging easier

This plugin features 49 debug modes and lets developers view the front end of a WordPress installation through the admin bar. You can debug menus, widgets, and sidebars as well as render page analyses for both CSS and JavaScript. There are numerous PHP modes available, including ones for declared functions, constants, and classes, among many others. It saves you time by enabling you to surface any WordPress or PHP server data without the need to conduct time-consuming tests or hardcode debugging scripts.

They add custom fields

For any developer searching for a simple and quick approach to creating a content management system on WordPress, the Advanced Custom Fields plugin is the ideal choice. You can choose from a variety of input kinds, including text, text area, picture files, links, post objects, radio buttons, date pickers, galleries, and many more, to construct many visual fields with its assistance. This plugin provides an infinitely flexible way to create flexibility in WordPress and allows you to build a CMS without having to code numerous files.

WordPress themes

Check themes with a few clicks

An excellent plugin for developers is Theme Check, which rates themes based on best practices and WordPress theme coding standards. This plugin verifies that your new theme complies with all applicable coding standards and functional criteria. It verifies the files, including author information, licences, and theme screenshots. This plugin is essential if you want to create themes that meet WordPress standards. It enables you to adhere to WordPress' coding standards without stressing over potential coding errors.

They make log deprecated notices

Following all these deprecated functions might be difficult because WordPress is always changing and some functions become obsolete with each update to the software. The fact that there is a plugin that can assist you to determine which functions have been depreciated means that you have all the time in the world to devote to this kind of activity. When deprecated functions are discovered in a theme or plugin, this plugin lists them all. It also provides you with options, making it the best friend of the developer.

They make your life and work easier

Designing and building websites is a task that requires great efficiency, and in order to achieve this you need to save time. That is why developers from a web design agency utilise these plugins so they can save precious time and focus on actually what needs to be focused on. Plugins can save you from those restless nights that you have to spend on coding. 

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