Regardless of how many words you have spoken in your YouTube video, but it is assured that the storyteller in videos catches the audience emotions in a way that simple words cannot. Videos connect in a more personalised way and easily explain complicated ideas.

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    This makes YouTube an ideal digital marketing tool, plus it also has the advantage that all marketers haven't incorporated the power of videos and distribution channels like YouTube.  It is a platform of 2 billion unique users that can watch, upload, share, and download YouTube videos as a part of their marketing strategy. There are different reasons why your business needs the presence of YouTube, and those reasons are;

    1. Reach: your target audience on YouTube

    YouTube is the world's largest second popular search engine with 2 billion users. In 2006 Google purchased YouTube.
    So the best SEO practices work with YouTube as well. Marketers should know who their target audience is and where they spend time online. On YouTube, on a daily basis almost 5 billion videos are watched, which captures one-third of all online activity. So saying that YouTube should be on your radar is certainly not wrong. You have to make sure that your YouTube videos are seen by your target audience.

    2. Intent: your customers want to find you on YouTube

    Similarly, like other social media channels, users unintentionally click the content with an objective in mind.  That objective is related to finding a solution to their problem, improving skills and entertainment. The basic advantage of being a marketer is that you can step in your audience's shoes and make things easier to target and find the product by asking questions and uploading that question into your videos.

    3. Engagement: people rather watch videos than reading

    It is predicted that by the year 2022, YouTube will make 82% of consumer internet traffic, which will be higher than the previous years. And the reason for that is people prefer to watch videos than read blogs and articles. Because videos have such an effective impact, and can be easily shared with others.  It is so easy to share via Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    4. Conversion: YouTube helps to acquire new customers

    Increased traffic engagement and shares by YouTube leads to conversions, and it shows in statistic too.  76% of users buy products by watching videos.  The YouTube algorithm helps users to find the right video and answers questions and keeps them watching those videos.

    5. YouTube increases the chance of ranking in search engine results

    Google search shows different content types that include shopping, maps, results, etc.  Videos have a greater share in the search results. And because Google owns YouTube, your YouTube videos dominate in the video search results.


    YouTube increases the chance of ranking in search engine results

    What else can we say about YouTube?

    Beauty related businesses find an audience on YouTube 

    Make-up and grooming videos are more likely to have views, shares, and channel subscribers. Pixability says that cosmetic videos are making 51% of beauty-related videos on YouTube.  Not only that, but they are getting overall growth in the YouTube space with an increase of 50%.

    Consistent messaging and Google analytics

    YouTube with brands provides users experience on overall social media with the help of web properties, images, etc.  With the connection of Google analytics with their account ID, they can track viewers, pages, and traffic.  It is essential to understand how you will engage your users with your content, which is valuable and helps in content development and marketing programs.

    Starting a YouTube channel is easier than you think

    Limitations of budget shouldn't be an excuse.  Most marketers have a smartphone in their hands.  They can make and edit videos by video software for free.  With that, they have more people watch their videos and also have higher conversion and engagement rates.  YouTube can be used effectively to target customers and promote brand messages.

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