Climate change is the biggest challenge humanity currently faces. It's effects could be devastating to our way of life so we all need to play our part. With this in mind we have taken the decision to support Carbon Club in their mission to fight climate change in the UK and beyond.

What's in this article

    The need for every organisation to offset it's carbon footprint 

    A carbon offset is a practical and realistic way to compensate for an organisations carbon output.  By counteracting our carbon emissions we help play our part in fighting climate change. 

    By now everyone should be aware of global warming and climate change.  A small increase in global temperatures can cause huge changes to our planet.  Here are some of the top effects of climate change:

    • Rising maximum temperatures
    • Rising minimum temperatures
    • Rising sea levels
    • Risk to water supplies
    • Higher ocean temperatures
    • An increase in heavy precipitation (heavy rain and hail)
    • Shrinking glaciers
    • Thawing permafrost
    • Flooding of coastal towns/areas
    • Threat of extinction to animal species
    • More frequent and intense drought, storms, heat waves

    Larger organisations are publicising their goals to offset their carbon footprint and become carbon neutral, but we must all play a part to prevent serious levels of climate change before it is too late.

    The need for every organisation to offset it's carbon footprint

    What has been happening with global warming and what if temperatures continue to rise?

    The Earth is about 1.1'C warmer than in the 1800s.  The Paris Agreement set out a plan to prevent global temperatures from exceeding 1.5'C but this is not on track.

    Global emissions must be reduced by 7.6% per year from 2020 to 2030 to keep temperatures from exceeding 1.5'C.

    A failure to act on climate change will result in sever flooding and deadly heatwaves that expose more people to extreme temperatures.  Wildlife habitats will be reduced, putting a variety of species at risk.

    For more facts and figures please see the WWF website here.

    How do Carbon Club help tackle climate change and global warming?

    Carbon Club is run by Forest Carbon, Est 2006 -  with our partners removing over 2.1 million tonnes of CO2e (equivalent) from the atmosphere

    Forest Carbon have been involved in woodland creation in the UK since 2006 and have planted over 10.3 million new trees in 220+ new woodlands.  Their woodland schemes operate across Sotland, England, Wales and Ireland.

    Trees help capture and store carbon, locking it up for centuries.  According to the Woodland Trust, trees store 400+ tonnes of carbon per hectare.  Tree planting also supports biodiversity and reduced poverty, nourishing our planet, offering shelter and improving soil quality.

    Forest Carbon also promote the financing peatland restoration for carbon capture in Scotland and Wales
    Peatlands are a type of wetland that are critical for preventing the effects of climate change.  They also assist by mitigating flood risk and help ensure safe drinking water.  Peatlands are the largest natural carbon store and damaged peatlands are responsible for almost 5% of global anthropogenic CO2 emissions.

    They aim to maximise the investment in nature so land managers can use natural processes to help restore the environment and pave the way to genuine sutainability.

    How do Carbon Club help tackle climate change and global warming

    What benefits will we see if we invest in climate action right now?

    There are many compelling benefits for us to invest in our future by taking action now:

    • New jobs and 'green' jobs
    • Economic growth
    • Improved competitiveness
    • Cleaner air
    • Safer, healthier population - less pressure on the NHS
    • Better planet for future generations
    • Secure supplies of energy and other resources
    • Less dangerous world: If food or resources become scarce there could be conflicts

    What's next?

    Any organisation can join Carbon Club and you can choose how much you want to pay per month/year.

    Because it so flexible it is not just a carbon offset scheme for large companies, it also suits smaller companies too.  In general the larger the organisation the larger their carbon footprint would be.   

    It works by purchasing "credits" for Forest Carbon to invest.   They can also advise on how many carbon credits you should buy.  To get started follow this link:


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