We wanted to improve our brand so it was stronger and more recognisable.  As designers, we also wanted something a bit more fun and interesting!

Also it was time to trademark our logo/name, so we designed a new logo which is more distinct and represents us a a design company, as well as development and marketing. 

With this new logo mark in place, we had the confidence to move forward with the trademark, knowing that we wouldn't be changing it again in the forseeable future!

Made Simple Media Logos

Our new logo goes further and has a "vintage" edge to it.  Made Simple Media is 8 years old now, so we decided to add our "established" date.  This helps show we've been around for a few years in our marketplace, having built up experience and a great client base.   

In just a couple of years we'll celebrate our 10th birthday and look forward to the next decade of running a well-trusted and ethical digital agency!

We needed to reflect the vintage vibe through the colours too, but the RGB theme ties in nicely with us being a digital agency, so we were keen to keep it.  Not an issue, we decided to desaturate them a little so they look more like vintage versions of their former selves.

Made Simple Media Sign

What else has changed?

The design system we use in-house has been updated along with new social media banners, business cards, email signatures etc.

A design system is essential for maintaining top quality digital output across our range of assets.  For example, the design system sets out the guidelines for text sizes, box padding and the appearance of graphics, forms, buttons etc.

Made Simple Media Design System

The website has undergone a light refresh.  It's not a complete re-design, but takes into account the new branding, colours and some other tweaks we have been waiting to make.

As a design company we need to keep things looking current and try and lead the market in terms of design and usability.

Evolution, rather than revolution

That's about it for now.  This mild rebrand was always going to be evolution, rather than revolution, building on what we already had.  There's less risk to slowly evolving the brand than changing everything completely and we're busy enough with client work right now. :)

Who are we?

We are a digital agency specialising in Web Design, Development, Concrete5 and digital marketing, based in London & West Sussex.

We make digital simple. Our purpose is to simplify your frustrations in digital and solve the challenges you face to help make you more money and progressively grow your business or organisation.

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