The world of web design is an interesting one.

Our job is to create visually appealing and user-friendly websites. To help us achieve this, we have certain principles and concepts that we rely on.

One of those concepts is the Golden Triangle. If you’ve not heard of this term before then keep reading.

We’re going to share with you what the Golden Triangle is, why it’s important for us web designers to understand it, and how we can use it to enhance the effectiveness of designs.

Understanding the Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle is a theory created from eye-tracking studies looking into the patterns users' eyes follow when visiting a results page for the first time on a desktop.

These studies have revealed that users tend to focus their attention on certain areas of the search results page more than others.

These areas form, you guessed it, a triangular pattern, with the most prominent points typically being the top left corner, the top right corner, and the centre of the page. This pattern is believed to be influenced by factors such as reading habits, cultural norms, and design conventions.

You might be thinking, “But how does this apply to a website and its pages?”. Well, people also view a website in a triangle, focusing on the top left portion of the page.

Why does it matter?

As web designers, understanding the Golden Triangle can have significant implications for how we structure and prioritise content on a webpage.

By aligning key elements such as logos, navigation menus, and calls to action within the special area, we can increase the likelihood that users will notice and engage with them. This can lead to higher conversion rates, improved user satisfaction, and ultimately, greater success for the websites we design.

How to apply the Golden Triangle

So, how do we apply the principles of the Golden Triangle to our web design projects? Here
are a few ways:

  1. Place important elements strategically - We identify the most critical elements of a webpage, such as the logo, headline, and primary call to action, and position them within the Golden Triangle to maximise visibility.
  2. Prioritise content - Content is arranged in a hierarchical fashion, with the most important information located within the triangle and less crucial details placed elsewhere on the page.
  3. Use of visual cues - We incorporate visual cues such as arrows, contrasting colours, and directional imagery to guide users' attention towards key areas of the page.
  4. Test and repeat - We find it helps to utilise tools such as heatmaps and A/B testing to gather data on user behaviour and repeatedly refine designs based on real-world insights.

Does the Golden Triangle apply to mobile devices?

While the Golden Triangle remains a valuable framework for understanding user attention on desktop screens, it's essential to recognise that user behaviour may differ on mobile devices.

With the increasing use of smartphones and tablets, it';s crucial for us as web designers to adapt our strategies to accommodate varying screen sizes and interaction patterns.

Techniques such as responsive design and mobile-first development can help us ensure that your websites remain engaging and accessible across a range of devices.

Examples of the Golden Triangle

Restaurant Property

Restaurant Property is the top expert in leisure real estate, specialising in restaurants, bars, pubs, and hotels, with extensive global connections within the leisure property sector.

In light of their ambitions to expand their business, they wanted a redesign of their outdated website to reflect a more contemporary aesthetic.

Restaurant Property Golden Triangle

As you can see, we used the Golden Triangle to ensure that the logo, navigation menu and their property search bar were part of the pattern that the user’s eyes would follow.

Visitors are able to quickly see what this business does and can utilise the search bar to find what they’re looking for.

UK Table Sports

UK Table Sports holds the exclusive authorisation as the importer of Garlando Freeplay football tables.

In order to effectively showcase these exquisite football tables and establish a robust online presence for their business, they required a fresh website design.

UK Table Sports Golden Triangle

Again, all the information that a visitor would need is within the triangle. The menu is clear and simple, the logo stands out and the relevant information is right in the centre.

This gives the user easy access to the products from this companystaright away without having to scroll down and tirelessly search for it themselves.

Fusion Appointments

Fusion Appointments stands as an acclaimed boutique recruitment agency, renowned for its personalised approach to job matchmaking. It's this dedication to tailored service that consistently draws clients back to them.

The new website needed to be a significant departure from its previous website, prioritising enhanced accessibility for clients to connect and for candidates to seamlessly apply for positions.

Fusion Appointments Golden Triangle

Using the Golden Triangle, we made sure the logo and menu were inline with each other to make it easy on the eyes of the visitors. The user is then immediately drawn to the important buttons they need to search for jobs or to hire this business.

St George’s Hospital Charity

St. George's Hospital Charity is dedicated to providing grants and generating funds to enhance facilities not only at St. George’s Hospital but also for the broader communities it serves. Their efforts make a real difference in the lives of patients, their loved ones, and the dedicated staff who support them.

Recognising the importance of expanding their online presence, St. George's Hospital Charity reached out to us to develop a new website aimed at raising awareness of their cause and strengthening their visibility online.

St George's Hospital Charity - The Golden Triangle

This triangle really needed to make it efficient for users to give donations to this charity. You can see there are two buttons within the triangle that the users will immediately scan with their eyes, amking it easier to get to where they want to go.

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