Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is crucial for every business. According to Lyfemarketing , “Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your website to maximize organic traffic from search engines such as Google, YouTube, Yahoo etc.” You are making a mistake if you do not leverage SEO for your business.

What's in this article

    1. Increase in traffic

    You will see an increase in traffic when you use analytics and reporting tool. SEO will help you maximize the marketing efforts of your business. More people will visit your website when your site is optimized. Organic search improves the performance of a brand. WooCommerce Email Order can help you increase your business sales.

    2. SEO results are low cost

    Organic listings are practically free. You do not need to pay for advertising or pay per click when you make use of SEO. With SEO your business website will get consistent traffic. Unlike paid ads, your traffic will not stop when you stop paying. SEO is cost effective as it targets users that are looking for your products online. SEO helps you save costs.

    3. Brand credibility

    People trust websites that rank highly on search engines. People are skeptical about businesses that are further back in the rankings. Better Return on Investment (ROI): SEO can help you track conversion, rankings and traffic. SEO can show you how visitors interact with your website. SEO leads to a better return on investment. High conversion rate is an advantage of SEO that cannot be matched by other forms of marketing. A hit from Google is more valuable that a hit from an ad. SEO gives your business a competitive advantage. Trust and credibility is accrued by having quality backlinks, positive user behavior, optimized content and machine learning signals.

    4. Your competitors use SEO

    More people have realized that SEO is beneficial for their business. Your competitors now take advantage of SEO and they will rank higher than you on Google. Hiring an woocommerce plugin company will help your business rank above your competitors.

    5. Navigation

    Makes your website to be navigable. On page SEO helps you arrange your site architecture. Search engines will be able to easily crawl your website and user can easily find what they need.

    6. Level up your business

    SEO will take your business to the next level.  It will bring sales and traffic to your website. SEO is a great investment and it is what your business needs to go to the next level.  All the larger businesses do it, for these good reasons!

    7. Enhanced user experience

    SEO gives optimal user experience to the visitors of your website.  Quality SEO leverages user experience for a brand.

    8. SEO makes your business stand out

    There are millions of website on the web and it is hard to differentiate yourself if your website is not optimised. SEO will make you stand out from your competitors and it will boost your sales.

    9. Most clicks go to the first result

    SEO brings traffic to thousand of websites everyday. When you secure the top sport of Google you will get thousands of visitors.  The amount of clicks for position 2, 3, 4 etc drops off dramatically and you'll get virtually nothing from being further down the rankings.

    10. Sales and leads

    SEO will help you increase your sales and leads when you offer a viable product or service and perform relevant SEO to promote it online.

    11. Permanent results

    SEO has lasting power, your site will not cease to exist in search engines if you take a break from it.   SEO is largely permanent.  Of course, your competitors can overtake you if you neglect to develop your SEO further and algorithm changes within search engines such as Google can affect your position, but it is not like Ads where as soon as you pause them you disappear completely.

    12. Development tool

    SEO helps you connect with your customers. It helps you provide insight to what customers need.  By being found in search engines, you will get people visit your site and you can use other insights or tools to learn who they are and why they came there.

    13. Site layout

    Conducting technical SEO can lead to an improved site layout and this will enhance User Experience.  This will be an advantage to your organisation no matter what channel users arrive on your website from.

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