There are several design elements that can make your site look stunning and unique. When people visit your site, they like to scroll through each and every information in less time and effort.

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    Therefore, in order to attract the attention of online visitors, it is not necessary to hire an expensive web design Dubai service to make your site easy to use and navigate.

    Your potential clients would not like to struggle for finding the required information. Today, the
    attention span of online users is very short, therefore, you need to keep your site simple and
    easy to navigate. Your navigation needs to be self-explanatory.

    Opt for a responsive design

    Due to the expansion of smart gadgets, tablets and smartphones, you need to opt for a responsive design. Since users will be visiting your site through different gadgets and devices, make sure your site layout is versatile and compatible with different gadgets and mobile phones.

    Responsive designs give you the assurance that your site will look the same on screens of different dimensions. This even helps online visitors stay longer on your webpage. Therefore, if you want to increase online traffic, try to opt for responsive designs.

    Maintain consistency and uniqueness

    Consistency and uniformity in websites is another key element that you need to incorporate in your website. It helps to create a brand and give a unique identity to it. You need to make sure that the fonts, menus,color scheme, formatting of your layout is uniform and compliment the overall style and theme of your brand.

    Also, make sure to add some stunning visual elements as well. Today, online users are more attracted to videos than plain text. These moving elements also help to break the monotony of written content on your site. However, make sure not to overuse pictures or videos on your site. It can make your site look too crowded and cluttered.

    Strike a balance between visuals and text

    If you really want to make your site look professional and unique, try to maintain a balance between between the visual and textual content of your site. Don't add any element forcefully. There should be a reason and purpose for every single element of your layout.

    Try to use pictures, videos and text tastefully and don't let any element overpower the overall look of your site. The pictures that you use should be original and of high resolution as it makes your online content look genuine and authentic.

    Provide crisp, fresh and engaging content

    The written content is the star of your site. Make sure that your online content is fresh, original and engaging. Try to hire good copywriters if you are creating your site from the scratch. The tone of your writing should be professional and courteous.

    It should match with the overall theme and feel of your brand. Make sure to maintain a consistency in your writing and avoid any typos, grammar errors or any copied or plagiarized content.

    Make sure there is a meaning and purpose of the text. Whether it is CTA page, introduction page, blog posts, latest news or testimonials, make sure the information that you share is useful and authentic.

    Maintain good speed of your site

    Online users don't like to visit sites that are slow. If you offer any goods or services and site takes a lot of time to load, then it is possible that your potential clients will leave your site before buying anything.

    They might go to a competitor site instead. If you don';t know the speed of you site, then you can check it through PageSpeed Insights offered by Google. This tool helps site owners to check the loading speed of their site. You can then adjust the speed of your site accordingly.

    Hire professional web designers

    If you are creating a site for the first time, it is better to hire a professional for web design services and development services. Some companies even offer other services such as logo designing, social media services, blog posts, etc.

    The web design is the main marketing tool of your business and therefore, you need to invest extra time and effort in planning its layout and theme. This will help to improve the sales and clientele of your business.

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