We pride ourselves on writing genuine, original and quality content that our visitors, clients and colleagues will gain value from.  We are not here solely to write for search engines, we want to provide content that helps organisations and  business owners in the UK and beyond.

We this in mind, content must:

  • Be original, not copied from other sources
  • Be of a reasonable length (1,000+ words)
  • Although of a reasonable length, be written in a concise way
  • Not written purely by AI
  • Contain personality so it is a pleasure to read, but not overly familiar
  • Not contain any supporting assets like images or video that break copyright law
  • Be written using UK English spelling
  • Be written using correct grammar (UK English)
  • Provide value for the reader, not just keywords for search engines
  • Not contain excessive external links, 5 max per 1,000 words
  • Any sources must be named and preferably, linked to
  • Broken up, so it is not just one huge block of text
  • Should contain quotes, statistics, lists and/or actionable takeaways
  • There is a fee for posting a guest post, please enquire for our lastest price.
  • We will replace any images you supply with ones from our stock image site

Who are we?

We are a digital agency specialising in Web Design, Development, Concrete5 and digital marketing, based in London & West Sussex.

We make digital simple. Our purpose is to simplify your frustrations in digital and solve the challenges you face to help make you more money and progressively grow your business or organisation.

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