While quality is important, you sometimes want quick results in digital marketing.  After all, you’re doing your thing, and your competitors are doing theirs, and if you get there first, it will be a lot harder to dethrone you. Now to get quick, consistent results, you need to speed up your digital marketing processes. Here are the top ten tips to help you do that.

1. Start using more AI in content creation

Sure, AI-written content comes with risks of its own, but the usefulness of AI in content creation shouldn’t be downplayed. When this trend of NLP AI first appeared, many writers worried they’d lose their jobs. A quote that they encountered the most while looking up this topic was:

AI will not replace writers, but writers who use AI will replace those who don’t!

As simple as that.

For a writer, research, coming up with outlines, rephrasing odd-sounding sentences, and finding inspiration are the hardest parts of the process. Coincidentally, all of this is something that tools like ChatGPT can help you with.

2. Pay for specialised tools

Free tools are great, but if you’re serious about digital marketing and plan to use them to make your livelihood, you must pay for premium features. This way, you’ll get better results, and you’ll get a far more scalable solution.

Eventually, your business will grow out of its current workload. When that happens, you’ll have to switch to a more expensive plan or switch platforms. This takes time, and the onboarding period will be hard even for your veteran workforce (after all, it’s something they’ve never done before).

3. Automate your accounting process

You would be surprised at how much accounting you’ll need to handle even the simplest digital marketing campaigns. You would be surprised to learn how many invoices an average digital marketing campaign requires, from payments for services, all the way to sponsored content fees. With a platform capable of extracting data from invoices using OCR technology, you can drastically reduce your workload.

4. Pick the right collaboration platform

There are so many tasks and processes in digital marketing, and you simply have to find a way to coordinate your team. The best way to do so is with a great collaboration platform.

Some of the options that you have available are:

  • Trello
  • Basecamp
  • Monday

Even Google Sheets can be good enough for smaller projects and teams. Just make sure that this is not as scalable. So, if you hope that your workflow and team may grow, remember that switching (transferring all this data to a new platform) will take so much time. In other words, it might not be a sacrifice worth making.

5. Delegate tasks to more people

You don’t even have to hire digital marketing specialists. Instead, you can hire virtual assistants to handle social media marketing, email marketing, and more. With the right tool, they will be more than proficient.

Ideally, you would hire more in-house employees and put them on core marketing tasks. However, the rest should probably be outsourced (perks of which we’ll discuss a bit later on).

6. Make a good editorial calendar and automate posting

When posting your content, you need to understand the rules of the platforms you work with. There’s a chart about the best times to post on social media platforms for the best engagement.

For instance, people love going through Instagram stories while taking a break from work. This is why workday engagement from 9 to 15 is so amazing. You can schedule each of these posts for the entire week and then just watch all of them upload according to the schedule. This would save time, increase efficiency, and ensure you don’t miss a thing.

7. Automate your email marketing

A good email marketer can manually send hundreds of emails per day. An AI-powered tool can send 50,000 to 100,000. The numbers are simply incomparable. It gets even worse for manual email marketing than that.

While regular email marketers would have to customize each email manually (change the site's name, the recipient, etc.), one armed with email marketing software could do this in seconds. Just imagine how much time would be saved this way and how big of an efficiency upgrade it would represent.

8. PPC delivers quick results

Unlike SEO, PPC delivers immediate results. You pay for the clicks; you get the clicks. Don’t get us wrong; we do not suggest you take sponsored SERPs over organic. After all, in the long run, SEO will deliver better results. The thing is that you don’t have to choose.

You can simultaneously work with the best SEO agency on your SEO and spend money on your PPC campaign to get an instant boost.

9. Outsource to specialists

Even if you are marketing-savvy, you just can’t keep up with someone with so much field experience. Just go through all the tips we’ve listed so far and understand that a specialist already employs them, probably more efficiently than you ever will. They already have all the tools and practices.

Most importantly, outsourcing gives you less to micro-manage, already saving time and speeding up the process. The elimination of unnecessary administrative tasks is a huge reward on its own.

10. Use templates

Custom layouts, messages, and work orders are always better. However, they take more time and effort and cost you more. Sometimes, you need to find a way to be more resource-efficient. Remember that you’re not working for style points; you want to see results. When it comes to this, templates can sometimes be just as good.

Also, an extra piece of advice, A/B testing takes time, but it’s always quicker than waiting to see results in the real world. So, whenever in doubt, test it.

Wrap up

Ultimately, you must understand that doing things quickly is not a merit on its own. Doing things quickly, the right way is! With the help of these ten tips, you’ll have a much easier job streamlining all the relevant digital marketing processes and getting that competitive edge you believe you deserve.

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