Here are 5 ways you can use R8TER to benefit your business right now.

What's in this article?

    What is R8TER?

    R8TER is a new community of designers, marketers, developers and business owners that allows you add your page and collect ratings and comments so you can see what people think.  The idea is you can collect real feedback from real users, away from your main site.

    You can of course, add your opinions and expertise by rating and commenting on other peoples pages.  You can also browse other members, discover new content and get discovered yourself!  Any free exposure to your business or brand is well worth going for.  R8TER is free to join, so there is nothing to lose and you can participate as much or as little as you like.

    Getting started

    To get started on R8TER, you can join the community simply go to the homepage and sign up by clicking "Get started" or "Join R8TER":


    It only takes a minute to sign up, you then just click a link in an email to approve your account.

    Adding your page

    You'll most likely want to add your business or organisations web page so you can start collecting ratings and benefit from free traffic to your site and brand exposure.

    It's completely free to add your page, there is nothing to lose!

    To add your page, click the plus icon at the top left of the screen:


    On the next screen you give your page and name and add it's url.  Also select a category that your page / business falls into.  For example, if you run a blog you would select "Blog" or for a hobby site you would choose "Toys and hobbies".

    Then you need to choose 3 things that you would like other people to rate your page by.  If you are a photographer you may want to choose "Images / media", "Content" and "Site Speed".  Or you may want to check your usability, so you could select "Navigation", "User Experience" and "Usability":


    Once your page has been added you should get a message saying success. 

    Note, R8TER uses a known security database to check if a website is listed as containing mailware, unwanted software etc.  If your site contains this then R8TER will not add it to it's database.  

    Here is how you can use R8TER for free to promote yourself...

    1. Free brand exposure

    Users browse R8TER in order to find new brands and websites.  You can click next and you never know what you're going to find next!  You click the Next button bottom right to see what the algorithm shows you next:


    If you know what kindof content you want, then try the Discover page.  You want to discover new sites or pages in certain niches then the Discover page on R8TER allows users to search that niche to find new pages.

    Click the magnifying glass top left and you can find pages in certain categories and then click to check out those websites:


    If you have a great brand then R8TER plays it's part in getting you noticed!

    It's interesting to see what other sites there are in your category and how they compare.

    2. Free traffic

    R8TER is built with marketers in mind.  When you add your page R8TER adds links so users can then visit your live website:


    Because it's easy to find sites on R8TER by clicking next or "Discover", R8TER is a great way of finding new pages that appeal to you and commenting on and rating those pages as much often as you like.

    3. Rate / comment on pages

    Interacting with other users on R8TER is mostly done by rating pages and joining in the discussion by offering your praise or opinions on that page.  Users are grateful to receive the feedback they are asking for.

    To rate pages, simply select the number of stars you want to award the page for each critera, 1 being poor through to 5 stars which is excellent:


    When you're happy with your ratings, click "Next" to rate another page.

    You can also comment on the page to let the owner know what you think.  Click Add Comment, a side panel will then appear and you can let them know what you think:


    4. Connect with other users

    You can also contact other users through the platform by sending them a private message. 

    Providing users have set their profile visibility to visible when they registered or within their profile, they will appear in the "Browse Members" section of the site.

    Click the main nav icon top left and choose "Browse Members" from the navigation menu:


    Then you can click on a user and send them a message (providing they have allowed other members to contact them):


    Messages then appear in your Private Messages on R8TER:


    5. Get discovered

    Often smaller websites don't get noticed, but on R8TER small can be mighty!  If you have a great produce or service and an attractive website, there is nothing stopping you being discovered and people going to your site to find out more.

    More leads means potentially more sales!

    When you comment or post a page, users can check out your profile and see all your pages.  If they like your work then they can contact you to find out more.  So potentially you can get hired via the platform too.



    R8TER is a powerful platform for business owners, marketing professionals, web designers and developers and pretty much anyone who has a website.

    It's well worth adding your site to R8TER, it only takes a few minutes and there are no downsides to putting your website on another "directory" type site to generate more visibility online.

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