We live in a digitally driven society, where anyone can make videos and connect with a global audience. While creating video content is accessible and simple compared to the past, it's still a treasured art form.

Making and editing compelling videos takes forethought, skill, and the right set of tools. Here are seven tips to make and edit your video perfectly.

Clarify your audience 

Videos are meant to connect with the viewer on an emotional level. Whether that emotion is joy, introspection, or nostalgia, the content must resonate with them to be effective.

Before you start planning, shooting, and editing your videos, take some time to clarify your audience. Who is this video for? What's the intention? How should they feel when they view it? The more you can narrow down your target audience, the more you can hone your communication with them.

Organise your thoughts

There's more to the video creation process than focusing on the content. Structure and organization are foundational for creating compelling videos. Jumping into execution without planning and organizing is a big mistake.

Organise your content creation process and brainstorm video ideas. Keep these ideas systematized in a safe space— such as a notebook or Google Drive folder— that you can access as needed. Consider outlining storyboards and scripts for long-form videos to get a better idea of timing, structure, and formatting.

Create the right environment

Anyone can pick up a smartphone and shoot a video. However, there are key elements that keep viewers engaged and interested beyond the message. Creating high-quality videos requires the right environment and tools, such as:

  • Stability – invest in a tripod for stabilization to prevent blurry movements and unintentional focus changes while recording.
  • Lighting – bright, diffused light is essential for eliminating distracting shadows and avoiding grainy footage.
  • Sound recording – finding a quiet space and using a wireless microphone enhances the audio quality of your video.

It's also essential to find video editors for your style and goals. Take the time to vet the options and determine which features are most beneficial for you.

Rehearse before recording

Don't rush the recording process. Curb your enthusiasm and make time to prepare and rehearse before you hit record. Run through lines and timing to get comfortable in front of the camera and review the storyboard out loud. 

If you're shooting B-roll or non-verbal footage, take some time to run through the blocking and determine the best possible camera placement. Taking a few extra minutes before shooting will save time in reshoots and editing.

Review All Footage Before Editing

The editing process can be taxing. Before you start making cuts and adding transitions, review all of your footage. Note the timestamps of your best shots so you can quickly revisit them as needed.

The organization is critical for improving your video editing flow. Ensure your footage is properly stored with a reliable backup. Use a nomenclature system that makes it easy to find your footage with a search, rather than scouring through files.

Use visual and audio shifts

Visual and audio shifts will keep your audience engaged. Try not to focus on the same angle for more than five seconds. Incorporate cuts, transitions, and pans to keep your audience's attention. 

When adding audio to video, choose music or effects that suit the video's emotion and intention. Balance your audio so music doesn't overpower speech.

Improve SEO and accessibility

SEO is crucial for any online business and refers to the components that Google reviews when ranking content. Add appropriate metadata and keywords if your video will be online. Adding subtitles creates traction for Google to “read” when classifying your content. This feature also improves accessibility to those watching your video without sound.


By following these steps, you will be able to create compelling, impactful videos with the viewer in mind. Furthermore, if you put extra effort into your research and make sure you’re having fun, the videos will be a great success. 

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