A great Digital Agency is one that listens to the issues that their clients are experiencing and comes up with solutions to those problems without over-complicating things and then provides great help and support at the end of the process. Here are some examples of how we have simplified digital to overcome our clients' frustrations, so they can focus on running their business or organisation!

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    1. Brooklands Museum - Our Collection

    The museum has an impressive variety of cars, bikes, aircraft and weapons etc.  We wanted the new website to showcase this vast collection so visitors could get a good flavour of what is on show when they visit the museum.

    The website is build on the easy to use CMS, Concrete5.  We created a custom pagelist for the inventory of cars, bikes, weapons etc. Javascript tabs allow visitors to quickly search alphabetically from A-Z so they can browse the collection without excessive page loading, which could end in frustration and them ultimately going elsewhere.

    We also created a slider with featured items so museum staff can choose to show particular items in each inventory.

    Full training was provided to the mueseum staff so they can load items onto the site and choose featured items too.

    Check out the Brooklands Museum website.

    Brooklands Museum - Our Collection

    2. KSM Auto Clinic - MOT Booking System

    KSM Auto Clinic in Horley needed an easy to use, fully custom MOT booking system as part of their new website.

    We built a completely custom package for Concrete5 that is simple to update, reliable and didn't cost the earth.  We integrated the MOT booking system with their payment gateway, Worldpay, so customers can do the whole booking without needing to phone the garage.

    Customers have the ability to add their vehicle, set the MOT expiry date so they can get yearly reminders.  We also made sure the system only allows them to book the MOT if it is due in 30 days or less.

    It is very simple for the staff at KSM to view the MOT calendar for any day and add and amend MOT bookings, straight from the Dashboard in their Concrete5 website.

    KSM Auto Clinic - MOT Booking System

    3. North Surrey Afasic - Simple Donation Form

    North Surrey Afasic wanted a new website and as part of that we recommended they add a simple donation form to help fundraise for the charity.  It needed to be a low cost solution for taking card payments.

    We chose Concrete5 CMS as the platform for the new website and created a custom page type with a Paypal form.  A quick and easy solution.

    The form links to the charities Paypal account so they can securely and safely take payments.  Users can choose the exact amount they want to donate and the payment is taking on Paypal itself, so no need for PCI complicance or generating secure tokens etc.

    North Surrey Afasic - Simple Donation Form

    4. Henfield Theatre Company - New Website

    Henfield Theatre Company is an amateur dramatic company.  It's members run the company part time so need a website that is easy to update, future proof and the support of an agency that can quickly provide hassle free guidance and assistance.

    We met with the team at Henfield to discuss their requirements.  Using Concrete5 CMS we needed to provide functionality to:

    • Add Productions to the Programme
    • A clear way for visitors to apply for auditions
    • Bookings taken via Ticketsource
    • Add Past Productions (archive) listed by year with a gallery or copy and photos
    • Pages for Costume Hire and Contact Us with location map
    • Newsletter subscription

    We provided a personal service, in person CMS training and a stylish, easy to update website.

    Henfield Theatre Company - New Website

    5. Google RECAPTCHA -  Improve Usability

    Google's RECAPTCHA Is an excellent tool for preventing spam.  We work a lot with Concrete5, so have created a form override to the core forms that features RECAPTCHA.  RECAPCHA works in the background to decide if a user is a human or a bot.  If it suspects it could be a spam bot then it will challenge the "user" by presenting a series of images and asking you, for example, to click on all the ones that contain a bus or traffic lights.

    It's a brilliany solution and massively cuts down on spam mail.  However, it has a very short "token", meaning if it takes longer than two or three minutes to complete a form you may see an error message.

    This is especially an issue on forms with lots of fields where users will need more than a few minutes to complete the form.

    The solution was to set a refresh in the RECAPTCHA script in order to make new tokens every three minutes:

    function getReCaptcha(){
        grecaptcha.ready(function() {
     getReCaptcha();  // This is the initial call
     setInterval(function(){getReCaptcha();}, 150000);

    6. Horace Fuller - New Website

    Horace Fuller contacted us wanting to improve their website.   The old site was dated and had technical issues.

    We built an appealing ecommerce website so users could buy from Horace Fuller online (especially useful during the Coronavirus pandemic) and collect from store, or the client will deliver within West Sussex.  With beautiful high-resolution product images and an easy to use Service & Repairs booking form, the site is designed to serve website visitors and provide a satisfying experience.

    The website is based on Concrete5 CMS, so the client can use in-context editing to easily make changes and benefits from the low-cost "open-source" technology and a platform that doesn't need constant updates like some other platforms.

    Running on PHP 7, the site is up to date and will serve the client for years to come.

    Form more information, see the new websites' project page here.

    Horace Fuller - New Website

    7. Mark Reeves - Technical SEO Improvements

    Mark Reeves has a well-established existing website but wasn't getting the traffic from Google that he wanted.  We identified some technical on-page SEO issues on Mark's site and explained everything thoroughly to him so he could see what the issues were.

    Mark then asked us to undertake all work necessary to fix the issues and we had everything done quickly and within budget.

    8. Imperial Health Charity - New Content Management System (CMS)

    We built the new Imperial Health Charity website on an easy to use CMS (Concrete5) so the staff can make changes and grow their website in house, without needing lots of external help.

    Having a CMS that is easy to update is crucial for a busy charity.  Via the new site they can update the sites content including updating the charities appeals, adding fundraising events and updating the charities artwork collection. 

    We also provided an onsite training session (prior to the Coronavirus Pandemic) so they could dive straight into the CMS and do everything they needed to do.

    Imperial Health Charity also benefit from our excellent client support, so they can call or email us and we are always available to advise and help in any way necessary.

    Imperial Health Charity - New Content Management System (CMS)

    9. Park Avenue Recruitment

    Park Avenue Recruitment came to us when their old web designer disappeared and they needed a Concrete5 expert to help out.

    We took ownership of their support and maintenance, working on their site to make improvements.  Providing helpful, clear support and being there, always.

    We also built a whole custom package using the Broadbean API to import their job listings into their site and upgraded the site to the latest version of Concrete5 to keep it secure and to take advantages of the latest functionality and performance improvements.

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