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We love developing with Concrete5 because it gives our customers a system that is easy to edit and fun to use. Our web design work coupled with Concrete5 CMS gives you an extremely modern, flexible website that offers an excellent ROI.

Everything in Concrete5 is point and click and most changes are performed on the front-end, so you can see what your page looks like before you set it live.

This is called "in-context editing" and it's really fun to work with.

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C5 Editing Tablet Phone

Make Updates "On the Go"

Not only is it easy to make edits with Concrete5, the UI is responsive so it works on tablets, laptops and mobile phones.

If you are always on the go you will really appreciate how easy it is to make updates on your mobile device.

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Concrete5's Sitemap

The sitemap in Concrete5 provides a really simple, drag and drop interface that allows you to not only see all pages at all levels, but also move, copy and delete them.

The sitemap also gives you access to the Trash folder so if you accidentally delete a page you can recover it and access to the Drafts folder which is where your draft pages are stored before they go live.

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File Manager

Concrete5's File Manager

All your files are stored safely with Concrete5's File Manager. In the File Manager, you can upload new images and PDF's and use them whereever you like on your website.

The File Manager is easy to find in the Dashboard of your website and you can add your own meta data and preview and download your files. If you host your site with us, you can rest assured they are all backed up as part of your hosting plan.

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