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10 Great Websites that use Concrete5 CMS

Dave Reeder

by Dave Reeder , 25 April 2019

10 Great Websites that use Concrete5 CMS
It's always good to know when choosing a platform for your new website, that it has been used before in proper websites. Here are 10 great sites that Concrete5 has been used for... is the official website of the "Swiss Authorities Online".  The website features an instantly recognisable and really unique layout of boxes, which link to sub pages, which can scroll left/right to access more information.

The "inner" content pages are a more regular style of right sidebar page type with the "meat" of the information in a wide left hand column.

The website leverages Concrete5's powerful built in search in addition to the Sitemap and A-Z searches so users can easily sift through all the information to find what they are looking for.

The sitemap continues a theme of coloured boxes, but with a clever way of searching by clicking the legend items at the top - i.e Work or Your Life.

ch-ch-2.jpg ch-ch-3.jpg

Cambridge University Press

This is the official Cambridge University Press website is built in Concrete5.

The site features very attractive styling which varies in appearance between sections to keep the user interested and not become confused by a lot of similar looking information, which is a problem that a lot of sites have when they have limited page types or block styles.

A wealth of information is contained within it's many pages and the website uses sliders and page lists a-plenty, styled in attractive ways to present the books that are featured within the website.

There is so much going on within this site, it is a fantastic demonstration of the flexibility and power of Concrete5 as a Content Management System.

cambridge-uni-press-2.jpg cambridge-uni-press-3.jpg


GlobalSign is an identity services company providing cloud-based, highly scalable PKI (public key infrastructure) solutions for enterprises needing to conduct safe commerce, communications, content delivery and community interactions.

Their Concrete5 website is clean, sharp and represents the company well, following the Globalsign branding.  

There are a nice range of icons and graphics used to present information is in an appealing way.

The website features a company blog, which demonstrates that Concrete5 is to be taken seriously as a blogging platform too with huge amounts of flexibility to build blogs exactly how you want them.

globalsign-2.jpg globalsign-3.jpg

Brooklands Museum

Concrete5 was chosen for the new Brooklands Museum website.  The site is divided into sections, depending on which "audience" the user may fall in to.  There is the Museum, then the Concorde (a major exhibit), then a section for Members and the Shop too.

The museum's staff are updating events on a daily basis and Concrete5 makes it easy to do so thanks to it's system of adding users with different permissons so they can edit exactly what is required.

Concrete5's blocks make it easy to update items like the "Don't Miss" box on the homepage which shows an upcoming event and customisable page types make editing News and Events very intuitive.

With thousands of visitors a day, the Brooklands Museum web site works really nicely to create a "window" into the amazing history of this very special place.

brooklands-museum-2.jpg brooklands-museum-3.jpg

From the site itself:  You've found the most accurate source for everything TV. Our information comes from fans like you, so create a free account and help your favorite shows. Everything added is shared with many other sites, mobile apps, and devices.

Using Concrete5, has a wealth of information about TV series and actors, supplied by fans of the site.

tvdb-2.jpg tvdb-3.jpg

Bourne Estate Agents

Bourne Estate Agents operate from their various branches across Surrey and Hampshire.

Using Concrete5, the website designers have produced an attractive site to showcase the property that Bourne have for sale and for rent.

The search has all the features you would expect when looking for a property and the property details pages tell you everything you need to know, so you can contact the local Bourne branch to arrange a viewing.

bourne-2.jpg bourne-3.jpg

Chillington Hall

A stunning Hall and Estate, Chillington Hall has been the home of the Giffard family for over 800 years and is located on the Staffordshire / Shropshire border.

Visitors can take a tour of the Georgian house and Chillington provides a stylish and elegant setting for private hire, such as engagement parties, birthday celebrations, christenings or anniversaries.

The homepage is dominated by stunning full screen photography with an introduction to Chillington Hall and some stylish Calls to Action.

Throughout the site are photographs of the house and estate and just the right amount of information and forthcoming events are featured on the "What's on" page.

chillington-hall-2.jpg chillington-hall-3.jpg

Surrey Care Association

Surrey Care Association is a non-profit, members only organisation, supporting the care and support sector.

Within the Concrete5 based website, users can find care services or find a job within the care industry or join as a member of the Surrey Care Association.

The website also features Twitter updates, news and events and a members area and ability to sign up.

surrey-care-2.jpg surrey-care-3.jpg

Veterans with Dogs

Veterans With Dogs trains and provides assistance dogs exclusively for current and former members of the British Armed Forces with service-related mental health conditions.

Critically the website offers a really clear way to donate and sponsor a puppy in the header of the site.  It's also nice that it features subtle animations to add a bit of movement to the pages.

There is lots of information, all easy to update via Concrete5 CMS!

veterans-with-dogs-2.jpg veterans-with-dogs-3.jpg

Clearly Scotland

Clearly Scotland is a specialist destination, inbound, ground handling and incentive management firm.  They offer the best venues, accomodation, locations, activities, services and experiences in Scotland.

Their Concrete5 site is based on a really nice design that is clean, modern and classy.

Throughout the site are great photographic banners on all pages and really nice sliders with image links to other pages.

clearly-scotland-2.jpg clearly-scotland-3.jpg


I hope you enjoyed this list of Concrete5 websites. I certainly enjoyed researching it, it's really great to see what other people are doing with Concrete5 and how they leverage this powerful Content Management System (CMS) to create stunning results.

The way that Concrete5 uses blocks and pagelists in such a flexible way means the CMS doesn't restrict the designer and almost anything is possible.

If you have any other great suggestions for Concrete5 websites, please add them in the comments below.

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