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Config Settings for Concrete 5.6

Dave Reeder

by Dave Reeder , 14 July 2015

Config Settings for Concrete 5.6
Concrete5 5.6's config file (/config/site.php) allows us to easily customise some additional features in the CMS.

Here is a list of some useful config settings for Concrete5 v5.6:

<code>// Connect to a remote DB server
define('DB_SERVER', '');
//Page list teasers intro area
define('PAGE_LIST_TEASERS_AREA', 'Intro');
//Disable concrete5 marketplace integration.
//Disable help searches in the intelligent search.
//Disable marketplace add-ons appear in intelligent search results. 
//Disable newsflow
//Disable Newsflow connect to to retrieve latest updates. 
define('ENABLE_APP_NEWS', false);
// Set default email address and site name from website
define('FORM_BLOCK_SENDER_EMAIL', '[email protected]');
define('EMAIL_DEFAULT_FROM_ADDRESS', '[email protected]');
define('EMAIL_DEFAULT_FROM_NAME', 'My Whiz-Bang Site');
// Page Title Format
define('PAGE_TITLE_FORMAT', '%2$s');</code>

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