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    We live in a fast-paced world where time is of the essence and convenience is king. Everybody wants access to everything quickly and efficiently. It’s no different with the way we shop.

    Ecommerce has become a staple in our lives and its transformation over the years has been phenomenal. Online shopping is like having a 24/7 marketplace at your fingertips. With the tap of a touchscreen or the click of a mouse, consumers can explore a global marketplace without leaving their homes.

    Retail e-commerce sales have increased six-fold over the last twelve years


    This shift in shopping behaviour isn't just a trend; it's a groundbreaking change in how we shop for goods. This is why ensuring that your ecommerce website is fit for purpose is important. As a web design agency, we understand that you need a lot of handy features that will make your online store a success.

    But before we get into those features, we want to share with you a brief look into how ecommerce has changed our world.

    How ecommerce has transformed our lives

    Reach a global audience

    Because geographical limitations no longer confine us, e-commerce has transformed how businesses connect with consumers.

    Your online store isn't just a local shop but a global marketplace where potential customers from different corners of the world can explore your offerings. This widening reach opens doors to new opportunities and markets, amplifying the impact of your business.

    Convenience in a few clicks

    The days of squeezing through crowded aisles and waiting in long queues are fading into the past. Online shopping offers convenience you won’t get from a physical shop.

    You can browse, compare, and purchase from the comfort of your home or on the go. This convenience factor has not only attracted a surge in new online shoppers but has also converted traditional in-store enthusiasts into digital consumers.

    Changes in consumer behaviour

    Understanding the evolution of consumer behaviour is crucial. Shoppers now seek instant gratification, and online platforms provide just that. From same-day deliveries to one-click purchases, the ecommerce landscape has adapted to the impatience of the modern consumer.

    As a website designer, incorporating features that align with these evolving expectations is key to creating a website that attracts and retains a loyal customer base.

    Consumer paying for product on phone

    The essentials of a successful ecommerce website

    Now that we've looked into the foundations of the online shopping phenomenon, let's explore the essential features that can transform your ecommerce website into a shopper's dream.

    Intuitive user interface (UI)

    We’ve all been to a physical store where the layout is confusing, the shelves are disorganised and finding what you need feels like a treasure hunt.

    The same principle applies to your digital storefront. A clutter-free, intuitive user interface is the backbone of a successful ecommerce website. Users should be able to navigate through categories seamlessly, find products effortlessly and have a straightforward checkout process.

    Mobile responsiveness

    We’re living in times where smartphones are practically an extension of ourselves. Ensuring your ecommerce website is mobile-friendly and a joy to use on various devices is essential.

    Responsive design ensures that your potential customers have a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience, regardless of the device they're using.

    High-quality imagery and descriptions

    Given that online shoppers can't physically touch or try products, you can compensate for this limitation by providing high-resolution images from various angles and comprehensive product descriptions. The more information a customer has, the more confident they'll feel about making a purchase.

    User reviews and ratings

    You’ve heard the saying before - “people buy from people”. That’s why building trust is paramount.

    Incorporate a section for user reviews and ratings. Authentic feedback from other customers can influence potential buyers and instil confidence in the product and your ecommerce platform.

    Secure payment options

    The online world is great, but you probably worry about security from time to time. Ensure that your ecommerce website is equipped with robust security measures, especially when it comes to payment transactions. Display trust badges prominently, use secure payment gateways like Stripe, and reassure customers that their sensitive information is in safe hands.

    Efficient search functionality

    If you plan on displaying and selling lots of products on your site, a powerful search functionality becomes a lifeline for shoppers. Include filters, sorting options and a smart search bar to help users quickly find what they're looking for. A well-designed search feature enhances the overall user experience.

    Personalised shopping experience

    Show your customers that you understand their preferences. Utilise data to create personalised recommendations, suggest related products and tailor promotions based on their browsing and purchasing history. A personalised touch goes a long way in retaining customers.

    Social media integration

    Capitalising on the power of social media is a game-changer.

    Integrate social sharing buttons, allow users to log in with their social accounts and maintain an active presence on platforms where your target audience is. Social proof and engagement can significantly boost your ecommerce success.

    More ecommerce website features we provide

    As well as the essentials mentioned before, we have some extra features at Made Simple
    Media that we think add some extra value to your site:

    Full agency support

    Launching and managing an online store can be overwhelming. That's why we're not just website designers but your partners in this digital journey.

    Our full agency support means we've got your back from design to deployment and beyond. Have a question? A concern? Just want to celebrate a milestone? We're here - your ecommerce wingman.

    Transparent fees

    No hidden fees, no surprises. Just transparent pricing. We believe in honesty and clarity, and our pricing reflects the phrase “what you see is what you get”. We want you to focus on your products, not decoding invoices.

    Shipping fees

    Tailored shipping methods

    Shipping isn't one-size-fits-all, and neither are our solutions. Set your own shipping methods based on region, size, weight, quality, whatever makes sense for your business. We're not just helping you send products, we're delivering flexibility.

    Content management system (CMS)

    Take control of your content with our user-friendly CMS. Want to update product descriptions, change images, or add a blog post? No need to be a tech whiz, we've got you covered.

    Premium, bespoke design service

    Your brand is unique, and your website should reflect that. Our premium, bespoke design service ensures your online presence is as distinctive as your products. It's not just a website but your brand's digital fingerprint.

    Optimised for search engines

    Getting lost in the digital wilderness is no fun. Our websites are optimised for search engines, making sure your store is easily discoverable. Because being found is the first step to being loved.

    Software updates

    Technology is constantly evolving. Our commitment to you includes keeping your website up-to-date with the latest software. There are no obsolete features here. We're all about that digital runway.

    Website training

    We're not leaving you in the dark. Our thorough website training ensures you can manage your online store confidently. Consider it your crash course in ecommerce excellence.

    Technical support

    Stuck in a digital maze? We are here to guide you. From minor glitches to major concerns, we're just a message away. Your peace of mind is our priority.

    GDPR compliant

    Privacy matters. Our websites are GDPR compliant, ensuring that your customer's data is handled with the utmost care and in accordance with regulations. Your customers can shop with confidence while we've got your data's back.

    Newsletter sign-up

    Stay connected with your customers through our newsletter sign-up feature. It's the digital version of your favourite customers' club, where exclusivity meets engagement.

    Find your perfect ecommerce website package

    You know how ecommerce has changed and the essential features your website needs. All that’s left is to choose the right ecommerce website package for your business.

    At Made Simple Media, we have 3 packages to suit your needs. From an essential start to a strong all-rounder, you’ll be able to spot which one will work for you.

    You can check out the ecommerce website packages here, or if you’d like more information, you can get in touch and we’ll get you started creating your perfect ecommerce website.

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