We understand that web design and marketing should work in harmony with one another when done correctly. A slick and industry leading web design can provide the foundations for digital marketing success.

Our web design and marketing services are designed to simplify your online frustrations and transform your businesses online presence through increasing your customer base, income and linear growth. 

Professional Web Design and Marketing

The beating heart of your digital presence is your website, a place that should showcase and reflect the level of service you provide for your customers. You wnat a website that will visually and digitally impress visitors who are showing interest - 38% of people say they will stop engaging with a website if the visual impact is unattractive.

Our experience helps separate us from the crowd 

Since our establishment, we have built hundreds of websites from the ground up, each one unique from the rest due to industry requirements or personalised features requested from the client. Of these hundreds of businesses that have benefited from our web design and marketing services, the majority reside in London and the South East which are nearby to our operating locations, however our services are available to all within the UK. 

Transform Your Business

Web Design and Marketing provided by the team at Made Simple Media

Solve Digital Problems Via Our Web Design and Marketing Services

We recognise that the majority of business owners either do not have the time or expertise to deliver web design and marketing services.

Juggling everything surrounding your business can be a challenge at the best of times. For those requiring an online transformation of their business, our web design and marketing team can take the burden off your shoulders and create a site that you proudly believe represents and grows your business. 

We remove the everyday online challenges by making digital simple for you so that it always helps, rather than hinders your business. Our web design and marketing services deliver on the following:

  • Simple to Buy
  • Simple to Use
  • Simple to Change
  • Simple to Extend

Here are some of the problems we regularly identify and solve for our customers:

Problem:  Updates are troublesome (Lack of time to manage the site, shelf life of technology has expired).
Solution:  Purpose built CMS. Fit for purpose. Point and click. Any change. Any time. CMS editing made simple.

Problem: Poor level of design negatively impacting user experience.​​​​​​​
Solution: We review your competitors to gain an insight on the websites performing well within your niche. Together with your input and our expertise, Made Simple Media’s webd design and marketing team work closely to create an end product that sets you apart from the competition.

Other digital problems we solve for our clients...

Websites are complex with a lot of room for error. Some of these issues sound familiar?:

  • Design that just doesn't work - UX and UI issues (Unusable website that frustrates customers causing them to bounce and join competitors).
  • Poor accessibility (Website traffic through mobile accounting for more than half and people hate the experience).
  • Poor communication from current agency (missed sales/ ineffective response times etc).
  • Poor value from current agency (too expensive, deliverables are not correct etc).
  • Hard to get answers from current agency.
  • Failure to understand your business to provide the right solutions.

How would you like web design and marketing services to:

  • Improve enquiries/sales/conversions
  • Improve representation of your company/organisation
  • Add new functionality you want to promote
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Deliver on marketing objectives: More traffic, leads, brand awareness, and exposure
  • Make easier updates, add new products and new promotions etc

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Experienced Specialists in Web Design 

No matter how complicated you may think your vision is for the website your business requires, we can help you turn this idea into a reality. Our services revolve around the following: 

  • Open Source - Concrete CMS is open source and prevalent throughout the websites we create, providing great flexibility in creating websites that our customers love. We also accommodate Wordpress projects. 
  • Custom Built - We’ve built many sites from scratch, each with unique, bespoke qualities and applications matching the individual requirements of your business.
  • Input - We value our clients input along every step of the way so the final result is not only one they are passionate about, but one that they feel they have contributed towards. 
  • Secure - We never compromise data for design. We deliver websites that not only look and work great, but are also bulletproof to security breaches.

Our web design and marketing process has been fine-tuned and streamlined to deliver websites which look and operate fantastically, as well as provide the perfect foundations for marketing success. The Made Simple Media process includes: 

1. Exploration 

We carry out research and competitor analysis of websites within your niche to help form a clear and successful plan of foundations. 

2. Wireframing

We produce sitemaps and wireframes that create a clear structure of how the website will function and operate. 

3. Design

A collaborative process where we add your branding (logo/graphics/images/colour scheme). 

4. Development

Our front and back end developers help transition the design into an interactive stage with custom coding. 

5. Web Content

Content, either produced in-house or by our copywriting team is added to pages throughout the website. 

6. Testing

Before we hand it over, we undertake thorough and stringent testing of all website aspects.

We implement the latest technologies to improve our services and the end result for our customers. This helps create websites that provide high levels of user experience - 95% of users state that a user-friendly website is the most important feature.

Our websites: 

  • Stand the test of time
  • Use the screen space well 
  • Mobile friendly
  • Excellent accessibility for both the owner and users

Digital Marketing Like No Other

Our marketing team have worked on numerous sites that we have built, helping increase lead generation, conversions and sales. 

                                                   SEO                                                          Social Media                                                   Copywriting

Our most popular web design and marketing service is a new website accompanied by a widespread SEO campaign.

1. Done For You SEO

Standard retainer model, our team of SEO experts deliver the full range of services. SEO is full of pitfalls, but we can remove those frustrations by handling it for you, leaving you to focus on what you do best - running your business!

2. Done With You SEO

Perfect for businesses who want to handle some tasks in-house, but still want to leave most of the specialist work to the experts. We are flexible in working with graphic designers, copywriters, developers or any other provider to deliver an SEO package tailored around your requirements.

3. Do It Yourself SEO 

If your business is wanting to handle your own SEO but would appreciate being pointed in the right direction, our team can provide a very detailed but easy to understand set of instructions in the form of an Audit and Strategy document. We’ll then be on hand to answer any questions you might have along the way.

How do the websites that we design and build successfully boost SEO marketing? 

Google will crawl and index every aspect of your website that is open to do so. A website with a strong structure makes it easier for Google and other search engines to understand. They want to return the best results to their users – multiple factors make up this alforithm including the website content and the website health. Google does not favour sites packed full of errors, often negatively impacting the rankings of multiple pages. Our web design and marketing service delivers an end product that is assembled to provide strong technical SEO foundations throughout, helping any digital marketing campaigns thrive. 

Web Design and Marketing Case Study: Horace Fuller

Case Study: Horace Fuller

As part of our web design and marketing services for Horace Fuller, we created a brand new look and interactive feel for their website, accompanied with a thorough SEO campaign. Here are some of the results we achieved over the first 9 months:

  • Local SEO - Local outreach numbers have grown by over 2,500% since the campaign began. They are in the top 3 rankings for popular niche-relevant keywords such as 'garden machinery supplier Horsham' and 'lawnmower servicing Horsham'. Google My Business star rating increased from 3.9 to 4.2. 
  • National SEO - Horace Fuller is now ranking for over 600 business related keywords within the UK, a 150% increase. Page 1 in the UK for many keywords including 'Westwood Mowers' 'Weibang lawn mowers' 'Ariens' 'Garden machinery servicing' ‘Garden Machinery repairs’ ‘Garden machinery west sussex’. 

Web Design and Marketing For All Industries

We welcome enquiries from all industries when it comes to creating a bespoke website that positively reflects your business. We have successfully built websites across many industries including; jewellers, local news websites, garden machinery suppliers, digital marketing firms plus much more. 

This reflects the adaptability and flexibility of our web design and marketing. But don’t just take our word for it… have a look at some of the feedback we have received from clients.

Our 94% Client Retention Rate!

We recently measured our client retention rate over five years and discovered we had kept 94% of our clients on board during that time!*

Working with clients on a daily basis, we have forged many ongoing partnerships with our clients and look forward to developing many more in the future. Our clients come back for more work all the time as their marketing and content plans continue to develop and they seek to grow their organisation.

We don’t just love technology, we love people too and enjoy seeing how the right solutions make our clients (and their clients) happy!

*Measured over a 5 year period to Sept 2020

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