In this digital era, many marketers and SEO agency's have relied on digital as their marketing medium. One of the best platforms among marketers is YouTube. These platforms are used as promotional media, branding, or making money from advertising as well as websites. 

When your YouTube video has high views, you will automatically increase conversion sales. That's why you should do YouTube SEO optimisation.

YouTube SEO is the optimisation step of the videos you create and upload on YouTube. The main goal of this optimisation is to make videos more accessible to the public. With certain keywords, videos can appear in the top position.

So, how does YouTube SEO work and what steps do you need to take to optimise your YouTube Channel for search? In this article, you'll find some major tips and tools to help you optimise your YouTube SEO.

What's in this article

    1. Identify YouTube keyword research

    Keyword research is very prominent in search engine optimisation for Google and other search engines, and this is very much the same when it comes to Youtube. Choosing the right keywords can determine the position of your YouTube content. So make sure to choose the right keywords so that your content is ranked at the top of Youtube search results.

    YouTube SEO is just as important as SEO for web pages on Google to increase the visibility of your video content and increase its ranking on search engines. Although the concept may be the same, YouTube SEO works a little differently from Google.

    There are various ways to do keyword research on Youtube. The first way is to use special tools for this keyword search. Some examples of these tools are, TubeBuddy, SEMrush, and Ahrefs, to plugins or browser extensions, namely Keywords Everywhere.

    2. Include keywords in your video title

    Similar to optimised blog post titles, your video titles should also be optimised. when you determine the title for the video, it should not be done haphazardly. In addition to being unique, the title must also contain keywords that have been previously determined.

    The ideal number of titles should be no more than 50 characters with at least one keyword. Including keywords in the title and description, will increase the SEO score of the video and help to increase visibility.

    Keep in mind don't make videos that contain clickbait, i.e. the video title and video content are different so it makes the audience disappointed.

    3. Optimise your video description

    In addition to the title, it is important to optimise the description of your youtube video by including keywords in the description section. Just like the title of your video, a description containing keywords will help increase searches on Youtube.

    Bots on YouTube will find these keywords and crawl them, giving your videos a better chance of ranking higher on the page. It would be a big mistake if you had intended to ignore this section.

    You can do this Youtube SEO trick after doing keyword research, then you can add long-tail keywords from the main keywords of the video with additional CTA on interesting videos.

    4. Add tags to the video

    Tags on Youtube are one of the things that the Youtube engine reads. The use of good and correct tags will help make it easier for your video to be found on Youtube search pages.

    Tagging means including relevant keywords when uploading your videos so you can generate more views. The more relevant the tag, the more likely it is that your video will be seen. Each video allows you to add 30-40 keyword tags depending on the number of words used.

    When you maximize in giving the right keyword targets on YouTube and Google, optimisation can run smoothly. Otherwise, avoid using too many keyword tags but not relevant to the video content because it could reduce your performance. 

    So, choose the best keyword tags to match your expectations.

    5. Customise your thumbnails image

    The next step is to customise your thumbnail image in your video content. Thumbnails are located on the cover of YouTube videos. Interestingly, the YouTube system can recognize objects such as writing in pictures which can affect YouTube SEO. 

    Therefore, it takes an important part in optimising your YouTube videos to rank first in the youtube search engine. It is recommended that you put keywords or related ones in the thumbnails. Put it proportionally and don't overdo it.

    When you have created an attractive and eye-catching thumbnail image. This can invite a lot of viewers and make them stay to watch your video until the end.

    6. Creating good quality videos

    Quality videos with interesting content can make viewers stay watching the video until it's finished. This will help optimise your youtube channel and increase your Youtube SEO rank to appear at the top.

    Several things make a video quality such as quality editing, good audio, video capture techniques, and video originality.  And don't forget that the content in the video must also attract viewers so that viewers can come back again and subscribe to see other videos.

    7. Promote your channel and video

    The next step to optimising your YouTube channel and video is to do video marketing. It might be difficult to get many subscribers and views without promoting your YouTube channel and video. Thus, promoting your channel can help you attract more audiences and boost viewers. 

    Social media has an important role in doing content marketing in any form, including videos. You just need to share on your social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media accounts. To market your channel and videos on various social media platforms you can use some of the best social media marketing tools available in the market.

    You can also use the ad features of every social media such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. Promoting your videos through the Google AdSense advertising service can also be a good way to reach wider audiences. 

    With Google AdSense, you can determine where your ads will be shown, one of which is YouTube.

    8. Evaluating your YouTube channel

    Evaluating your YouTube videos is the last step in YouTube SEO. Through evaluation, you can analyze things that need to be added or subtracted to attract subscribers and viewers. 

    You can leverage the YouTube analytics tool to help you analyze your YouTube activity. You can start by opening the "analytics" section on the Youtube view. 

    After that, you will get analytics data for all videos, starting from the number of views, the duration of the video watched, the number of subscribers, the reach of each video, to the engagement of each video.

    With this data, you can analyze what you need to improve in making the next videos. So you don't plan to make videos based solely on assumptions but also based on data from past videos.


    Those are some YouTube SEO steps that you can apply in optimising your YouTube channel. It might take time and a lot of effort to optimise your YouTube video to reach the top of search engine rankings.

    But if you follow the steps above, the visibility of the video you upload will likely be greater for your target audience to watch, and the marketing process through YouTube will be successful. so you can easily optimise your YouTube SEO effectively.

    This is a great time for you to keep up with the latest web design and marketing trends, factoring in all forms of digital avenues to grow business and brand awareness.

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