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Digital Marketing

There are various things you can do to promote your website and services.
We can help advise, based on what you need to achieve.

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Digital Marketing
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Google Ads (Adwords)

In the Google Search Results, you may have noticed that the top three and bottom three results have a little bit of text  saying "Ad" next to them.  These are the Adwords results.

To appear in the Adwords results, you need to "bid" a certain amount per click in order to appear there, so you are actually paying for each click. This is an alternative to having an SEO budget, where you will try and appear higher in the organic results by adding content, inbound links etc to your website.

Adwords can be very successful if properly set up and maintained by a professional, with the knowledge required to do so.  

Contact us today and our Adwords expert will get in touch to see how Adwords can work for you.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimisation" and is the art of making a website rank higher up the search results in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

To achieve a good position in the search rankings, you need a combination of inbound links, a quality website that performs well, social metrics (Facebook/Twitter shares etc) and quality content on the website.

Website speed is another SEO ranking factor now as Google seeks to make the web fast.

Our SEO expert undertakes a full review of all new client websites and recommends what steps should be taken to improve the ranking of the site in search engines.

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Email Marketing

Keeping in touch with your existing customers is very important.  Especially if you have offers and promotions that they may be interested in.

Email marketing is a great tool for doing this.  Using a service like Mailchimp, you can very quickly get a message out to your customers for a reasonable outlay and you get he insight of their built-in analytics to see what customers did when they received your email.

We design and build bespoke marketing emails and can even build re-usable templates for Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor which you can use for all email marketing in the future to send consistent, professionally branded communications to your customers.

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Text Messaging

Text (SMS) Messaging

If you have a list of your customers mobile numbers, then text messaging or SMS could be a great avenue for repeat sales to your existing customers.

Nearly all text messages are read by the recipients, a much higher rate than with email marketing.  Most messages will also be read within a few minutes, so text messaging is really great at getting fast results!

We can collate your customers numbers into a spreadsheet and deliver text messages from your business.

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Effective Marketing Needs a Great Foundation

Marketing is nothing without a website that converts...

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