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The purpose of our website designer service is to simplify your digital frustrations and solve the challenges you face to help increase your customer base, income and progressively grow your business.

We have bespokely designed and built hundreds of websites over time, each one varying in requirements and features. Of these hundreds of businesses that have benefited from our website designer services, the majority of these reside in London and the South East. 

We are well placed to serve London and the South East and can easily meet clients at our London office in Holborne Viaduct or in the South East area. However, we have existing, happy clients from various areas within the UK and are always available to contact via the phone or video call if an in-person meeting with a member of our website designer team is difficult to arrange.

Boost your online business courtesy of our excellent customer service where we “make digital simple” for our customers, so they continue to come back to us for support and the right tools to make their next big idea or project a hit. 

If you have a question, please call us free on 0800 111 4504

Website designer service example: North Surrey Afasic

Solve digital problems with website designer services

Juggling everything surrounding your business can be a tiresome and taxing task. For those with the need of a large website, or those who are not so website savvy, our website designer team can take this burden away from you and deliver expertise that return a digital presence that reflects the potential of your business.

We remove the everyday digital challenges that frustrate business owners and marketing managers. How? By making digital simple for you so that it always helps, rather than hinders, your business.

We ensure our website designer solutions will always meet and surpass the following:

  • Simple to Buy
  • Simple to Use
  • Simple to Change
  • Simple to Extend

Here are some of the problems we regularly tackle and solve for our clients:

Problem: Difficult to make updates (Lack of time to manage the site, shelf life of technology has expired, the supporting partner has come to an end or refuses to support the technology any more) - this create a business problem as a consequence.
Solution:  Purpose built CMS. Fit for purpose. Point and click. Any change. Any time. CMS editing made simple.

Problem: Unprofessional design (Level of client dissatisfaction that is impacting conversion or sign up of new customers).
Solution: We always ensure to review your competitors, look at the sites you love, and create a design off the back of this research so you are left feeling delighted with the results of our website designer services. We design using flat, responsive modern techniques and follow the latest trends to stay ahead of the curve. A full consideration of your audience and what they want to find is considered and incorporated, helping deliver a solution that solves the questions your business needs answering. We then wireframe the site, and only then move to the design phase, including the image colour and branding.

Other problems we solve for our clients...

Websites are complex and there is a lot of room for error.  From design to build to delivery, each stage needs to be correct for the site to become a success. You may find some of these problems sound familiar?:

  • Design that just doesn't work - user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) issues (Unusable website that frustrates customers causing them to bounce and go off to a competitor).
  • Poor accessibility (Website traffic through mobile accounting for more than half and people hate the experience).
  • Poor communication from existing agency (missed sales/ ineffective response times etc).
  • Poor value from current agency (too expensive, deliverables are not correct etc).
  • Hard to get answers from current agency.
  • Failure to understand your business to provide the right solutions.

How would you like website designers to...

  • Improve enquiries/sales/conversions.
  • Improve representation of your company/organisation.
  • Add new functionality you want to promote.
  • Create better brand awareness.
  • Deliver on marketing objectives: More traffic, leads, brand awareness, and exposure.
  • Make easier updates, add new products and new promotions etc.

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MadeSimpleMedia Website Designers Example: St George's Hospital Charity

Plan for success through website designers

No one knows your business better than you and in order to ensure the success of your project, we keep you involved every step of the way.

We deliver an initial consultation where everything is up for discussion. This helps get your project off to the best possible start and begin building the strong rapport between our website designer team and yourselves through listening to your expectations and needs. Our website designers then map out the rest of the project based on what you say. Our comprehensive process includes:

Planning it Right. Designing it Right. Building it Right.

But how do we do that exactly?

  • Plan it
    We produce sitemaps and wireframes to work out where all the important pages need to be and where specific elements sit on the page.  We make sure you have enough pagetypes to grow the site in the future with minimal development work from our end. We tend to even explore the user journey for your target audiences to make sure they can all find what they want quickly.
  • Design it
    Once you’ve approved the sitemap and wireframes, you can move onto the design stage, this is where we’ll add your branding (logo/graphics images/colour scheme). At this stage additional content may also be required and we can work with you to ensure this resonates with your audience.
  • Build it
    This is where we do the coding and the website moves into being interactive. Normally building the home page first and getting your approval before moving onto the next pages.

These are the basic parts of the process, of course there may be much more to larger projects such as user research, copywriting, or interactive prototypes.

Once each stage is complete and both our website designer team and the client approve, we move onto the testing stage where we use a range of browsers and devices and our website testing software.  Then we are set for the big launch of your new website in all its glory when your business is ready to go live. 

This ongoing communication drives the success of our projects, keeps our clients on our books and returning for future collaborations.

If you'd like to read more, check out this blog post.

Cutting-edge website designers

Cutting-edge website designers

As experienced website designers, we love technology and seeing how it evolves to help improve the services we can offer our clients. We strive to design and build you an excellent website, designed to work hard for your business or organisation and a joy for you to work with.

Our platform of choice is ConcreteCMS because it is a cutting-edge Content Management System (CMS) with up to date code, running on very recent versions of PHP which provide the foundations for robust longevity. Therefore, you can get many years out of the website, making it a more than worthwhile investment.

Our website designers create websites to look modern and to stand the test of time well, using the screen space well, mobile friendly and with excellent accessibility.

You may have ideas for "phase 2" or "phase 3" after the initial build and almost anything is possible with a quality bespoke website build.  You won't be hitting any walls like you can with website builders and may want to view this comparison:Why go for a bespoke website rather than using a website builder?

Website designer services perfect for digital marketing 

Marketing your business, and your website in particular, is crucial to achieving success via growing your audience and visitor numbers to the site. We ensure our clients websites are created with marketing friendly foundations that allow your web content all across the site to flourish when supported by an adequate marketing budget. 

Our website designer services come in conjunction with SEO, search engine optimisation, if desired or alternatively provided as an additional marketing service to those who are happy with their website but want to boost their organic traffic. The ultimate aim of SEO is to increase the quantity and quality of organic traffic to your website, in turn increasing leads, conversions and sales. 

How do the websites that we design and build successfully help with SEO marketing? 

Google will crawl and index every aspect of your website that is open to do so. A well designed and thought-out website makes it easier for Google and other search engines to understand the content present. They want to return the highest quality results to their users – this includes the content and the general health of the website. Search engines do not favour websites that are full of errors, often hindering the ranking potential of multiple pages. Hence, our website designers deliver an end product that is assembled to provide strong technical SEO throughout.

Website designers working in harmony with SEO.

Website designers supporting you, always

Ever had a website designer not interested in supporting an existing project or disappear completely?  We never undertake a project knowing that our client will require support elsewhere. We want to continue to work with you, supporting you and your website.

Always here to help, we work with you to make your next big idea a reality and answer your technical questions and be proactive, especially when you need help, fast.

We know that support and care for your website is important, that's why we invented support packages, designed to keep on top of your support and maintenance requirements.

For more information check out this article about support and learn why it is so important.

Expert website designers that offer support and maintenance.

Website designers for all industries

We have successfully built websites that are thriving across a wide variety of industries which is why we have such a broad and diverse list of clients. Such industries include jewellers, local news websites, garden machinery suppliers, digital marketing firms plus much more. 

This shows the flexibility and adaptability of our website designers, with no industry niche being off limits when it comes to creating a bespoke website that positively reflects your business. 

Don’t just take our word for it… have a look at some of the feedback we have received from clients across a range of industries.

Website designers fit for any industry.

Our 94% client retention rate!

We recently measured our client retention rate over five years and are proud to report that we kept 94% of our clients on board during that time!*

Some website designers are not so reliable sadly and can disappear without warning.  We enjoy building relationships with our clients and look forward to developing many more in the future. 

We don’t just love technology, we love people too and enjoy seeing how the right solutions make our clients (and their clients) happy!

*Measured over a 5 year period to Sept 2020

What's next?

Please contact us to see how we can help you.  We operate a strictly no-obligation approach with no hard-sales!

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Client retention

Due to business expansion I needed to make some amendments to a existing WordPress website. I asked Made Simple Media for some suggestions on the ideas I had and he was super helpful and came up with some great ideas to make the website perform and navigate better. Him and his team then did a great job in putting the ideas to practice and I was kept informed as the work was underway. Highly recommend Dave and his team!

Matthew Naylor, The Performance Zone


We started working with David at Made Simple Media when we needed alterations and pages added to our website. He has advised us well on what we might like to add, has always been a pleasure to deal with, is reliable, and responds quickly. I would highly recommend working with David and MSM!

Ella, Park Avenue Recruitment


Dave was so patient and understanding when it came to explaining the process and how things work. I highly recommend MSM to anyone who needs that extra help understanding the fundamentals of website building.

Matt, Land Solutions (South) Ltd


Made Simple Media have made a number of websites for us and their work is always of a high standard. They are fast acting when we need help and I would happily recommend Made Simple Media to anyone looking for web development help.

Chris, Respirex International


We are delighted with the website that Made Simple Media created for St Andrew's Church, N16. They really understood our vision for the project and turned it into reality, whilst suggesting additional ideas throughout. The whole project was seamless and enjoyable.

Stuart Smith, The Smithy Creative

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