From international games developers to specialist niche providers such as EdTech companies, Horsham has it all. At Madesimplemedia, we are very proud of our Horsham roots, and so we’ve put together this guide covering what some of our tech neighbours are getting up to in their respective industries.

Creative Assembly - Gaming industry

One of Horsham’s largest, and certainly one of the most innovative, Creative Assembly has a devoted worldwide fan base as a result of its inventive gameplay, historical authenticity and painstaking attention to detail. Best known for the highly acclaimed Total War series, Creative Assembly has dabbled in other well-known properties such as Alien: Isolation and the most recent entry into the fantasy realm of Warhammer. The organisation, which is made up of a team of passionate and dedicated individuals, has promoted an innovative and creative culture where workers are inspired to push the limits of what the gaming industry can do.

Recently, Creative Assembly launched “The Legacy Project”, an extensive archive that explores the history of the studio, from its modest origins to its current status as one of the top game developers.  It provides a priceless resource for scholars, enthusiasts, and game developers to learn about the progress of technology, the creative process, and the influence of Creative Assembly's work on the gaming industry. Their work has been recognised through multiple awards including a BAFTA.

As an employer, Creative Assembly has been recognised as one of the Best Places to Work for six consecutive years thanks to the people-centric approach that prioritises health, wellbeing, diversity and inclusion.

Global 4 - IT and communications

From one award winner to another, Global 4 are another Horsham-based organisation leading the way in their industry. Recently crowned the ‘Reseller of the Year’, Global 4 specialist in offering a complete technology service including business broadband, telephone systems, energy and security. 

Based in Queen Street, Global 4 have built a reputation for excellent customer service by recognising the needs, wants and challenges of their customers. With expertise gained over 25 years of growth and solution delivery, Global 4 are well positioned to help companies to de-risk their adoption of technology.

Chess Dynamics - Defence and security provider

In a world where defence and security are critical, Chess Dynamics stands out as a company that consistently leads the way in defending both maritime and land domains. With 30 years of experience, Chess Dynamics' portfolio encompasses a wide range of products, from state-of-the-art maritime and land-based surveillance systems to precision weapon-tracking technologies. Their systems are employed in various critical applications, including border security, naval operations and the protection of strategic assets. Chess Dynamics have supplied various types of equipment to defence leaders and prime contractors for the last 15 years, ensuring that their clients have the tools and technology needed to address complex security challenges effectively.

Netcom and Octotech - IT Solutions

Horsham is very well supported when it comes to IT solutions. NetCom and Octotech are just two of the IT specialists that call Horsham home. 

With a focus on advanced communication solutions, both Netcom and Octotech have consistently delivered reliable IT infrastructure and smooth communication services for customers local and farther afield. Their joint accomplishments include putting cutting-edge networking solutions, cloud services and cybersecurity safeguards into practice with success, giving clients more security and efficiency in their digital operations. With a proactive approach to technology for over 40 years of joint experience in the field, they have demonstrated their commitment to quality and are revolutionising the digital landscape for varied types of businesses in and around Horsham. 

Class Technology - EdTechnology 

Given Horsham's excellent schools and college, it is easy to understand why the region would also have a thriving education technology industry. Class Technology offers IT solutions and support services that are designed specifically for the educational sector. As a trusted technology partner for many local schools, Class Technology has the expertise to both deliver and provide ongoing support for the technology used to deliver the desired teaching and learning outcomes.

DM Wilbury - Digital Consultants

We’ve had the pleasure of working in partnership with DM Wilbury for many local Horsham-based projects, such as At Home Estates, About Mortgages and Horace Fuller. Their team focuses on delivering sensible and realistic digital marketing solutions such as SEO and Social Media packages that help local businesses to survive and thrive. As well as providing advice and services to clients, DM Wilbury have launched their own portfolio of digital products including Find a Restaurant, Local Builders and Price Point Compare.

Made Simple Media - Web designers!

No list of Horsham businesses would be complete without Made Simple Media! 

Since 2015 we’ve been making digital simple for customers in Horsham. With a particular focus on websites for recruitment companies, charities and Ecommerce stores, we have worked closely with a number of Horsham businesses. We have an amazing team of hard-working, dedicated and enthusiastic people who live technology and strive to keep our clients happy and relaxed. We enjoy working hard for our clients, delivering you great value, making you happy and being great to work with along the way.

Have we missed any? Let us know!

Owing to the thriving nature of Horsham’s tech industry, this list was far from exhaustive. If you know of a business we missed, let us know! We love connecting with local businesses and will happily keep our guide to Horsham’s tech industry updated with the latest goings-on. We’d love to hear from you here.

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