There’s plenty of activities for members of all age groups to participate in. The exterior Is made from medieval timber and the interior features more than 26 galleries that you can check out through the day. If you’re travelling with kids, they’re bound to enjoy the wide array of activities on offer all through the year.

Some of the top attractions include the Toy Gallery, a Cabinet of Curiosities and a vintage fire engine. It would be remiss if we didn’t point out that there exists an ancient Crime and Punishment section complete with a cell.

Early Years

Having been established way back in 1893 by members of the Free Christian Church, the Horsham Museum has seen generations come and go. In that space of time, six monarchs have sat on the throne, 2 world wars have been fought, pensions became a thing, the NHS was conceptualized, aeroplanes roam the skies, telephone communication became popular, computers came onto the scene, and the town growth has rapidly grown from 10,000 to more than 50,000.

It is believed that revolutionaries came up with the concept of the museum. As members of a dynamic church, they conceptualized the idea of creating clubs and organisation in a bid to boost the general outlook of the town. Starting small, they came up with the first public library, then a gymnasium up in Worthing Road, before they decided to launch the museum.

Rich History

From that brief description shared, it’s evident to see that the museum has humble origins. Its ambitious founders set out to collect interesting things for showcase. With their target audience largely being the towns residents and a couple of visitors, the collectors made a point of looking items out of the ordinary. Their search also included lost and found items and anything of value.

While the initial goal was quite noble, the Museum Society noticed by the 1960s that their resources were quickly dwindling. In a bid to help improve their fortunes, they managed to persuade the town’s council to help them out. They agreed upon a fair exchange, the local council would come to their aid and they would trade some of their collections with them.

By 1974, the Horsham District Council had taken up the mantles of managing the museum. Up to date, the council continues running the museum on a daily basis.

Different Eras

Over the last 100 years, the museum has not changed much. It still has the same aura and reflects the interests and aspirations of the local folk. Some of the collections include biological life and geological artefacts from the late Victorian era. There’s also plenty of archaeological items from the 1920s and 1930s.

There’s also a vibrant display of farming life from way back in the 1960s plus plenty of local history about the town from the 1980s and 1990.

Having pointed out some of the popular attractions, it’s evident to see that there’s plenty to check out at the museum. Through the years, it has built up a large collection of items which makes it the perfect spot to check out a wide array of exhibitions that reflect the different shades of life in Horsham.


Recently in 2016, the local council decided to come up with the novel idea of a watercolour collection. While art has always been a popular subject, it has become accentuated in todays time thanks to the rise of technology.

The visual world we now live in favours activities like art which take centre stage in many galleries. Despite the watercolour initiative being only three years old, it has already paid massive dividends.

The Place to Be

If you’re looking for some adventure, there’s plenty to be found in Horsham. By accessing an internet café anywhere near Horsham, you’ll discover plenty of information about the town and some of the popular tourist spots.

There’s also plenty of accommodation facilities near Horsham Museum and some top of the range hotels to spruce up your visit. When it comes to cuisine, there’s plenty to choose from, Horsham has an assortment of options from restaurants to diners and cafes.

If you’re traveling as a unit and have little time to engage in elaborate meals, you can always have a quick bit at some of the casual places in the town. It’s important to note that there are plenty of establishments that serve exquisite dishes in Horsham.

The museum and its environs pack plenty of adventurous fun ensuring there’s lots for everyone to enjoy in Horsham

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