Once through the gates, you can dabble in a number of different courses and obstacles like high wall jumping and wall climbing. As an all-inclusive ground, they offer treats to thrill seeker so they can stay refreshed. This means that you can enjoy sipping on Fairtrade coffee together with a host of other snacks.

So Much to Do

If you’re an adventure junkie looking to experience something different, then, High Places is the place to be. Right from the word go, the staff are friendly and don’t pressure you to complete the trip. In a bid to ensure that all visitors feel safe within the centre, the administrators have certified that the safety systems are excellent.

Since there are numerous activities to engage in, it can be a tad bit confusing on which option to start with. That said, many enthusiasts love checking out the low ropes section which enables to get acquainted with the overall feel of the trip. Here, you can crawl through different barrels, step on a rickety bridge and traverse the net as you go around the circuit before scaling the wall.

Right after you conquer the low topes, you’re ready for the high ropes challenge. While the difficulty level increases, the entire course is built to guarantee that the fun never stops. The mini zip line in this stage is particularly impressive and the fan descender offers a great way for visitors to get back to ground level.

Fun all Round

High Places is a fantastic location ideal for people of all ages. The cleanliness levels are very impressive and the staff members are more than willing to explain everything beforehand.

It’s a great experience if you’re looking to conquer your fear of heights or if you’re particularly enthralled about going skywards. The jump from the top platform at the very end is something that many site seers usually reference after the entire experience.

Serving the Community

High Places Horsham first opened its doors on 10th February 2016. The founders established it with the goal of making it an ideal location for offering outdoor aerial adventures for both adults and children alike.

Visitors to the centre can choose any of the various packages on offer. You can sample either the high and low ropes course, go wall climbing, and choose to conclude the trip by leaping into the air from the top platform in what’s popularly become referred to as the fan descender.

Given how popular High Places has become, they usually organize seasonal courses for children to participate in during the holidays. In the summer, they have an Aqua disco open for revellers to enjoy.

Overall, High Places is an adrenalin trip that excites. Since young kids are usually brave and nimble, they are likely to find the location to be fun and enjoy their time. That said, older generations are sure to have just as much fun. If you’re up for a challenge, High Places Horsham is the perfect opportunity to try something different.

To get the most out of the experience, we’d recommend participating in the fun events as part of a large team or group. This is because you’ll be able to develop the collective team spirit and encourage community collaboration.


To refuel, you can visit the café section and have a taste of freshly ground ben-to-cup coffees and teas. The café section is spacious which means that you have the option of either taking your drip at the premises or away from it. We’re certain you’ll love the Wi-Fi amenities which ensure that you can keep in touch with the rest of the world during your break.

You can also sample a selection of different sandwiches, toasted paninis, and savoury pastries. If you’re up for it, you can also choose from oat bars, muffins, and cakes to accompany your latte or cappuccino beverage. Children are usually offered a Meal Bag which is filled with an assortment of nutritious and healthy treats.

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